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You already know how to promote your indie games

And if you don’t then let me introduce you to a nice little tool from an obscure startup called Google … By now to pretend to post a useful article about “how to promote indie games” (here’s the latest one) you really need to add some factual data to your post as everything has been […]


Not so massive tax credits reduction

Oh imagine my joy when I read in the newspaper that Warner Bros. and Ubisoft made a sneaky deal with the government so their tax credits wouldn’t be affected until 2019 due to the recent 20% cut. From that same article you’ll notice that even with that Ubisoft is already raising a flag that Montreal […]


Indie dev fatigue

I have no idea if it’s common but I find the part where your game is feature complete but still not ready for release is the most “difficult” time to be motivated. That and add busy days at work + summer. It’s frustrating as I can see the game, it’s all there but I also […]


Warner Bros. Games Montreal = Big cry baby

Well let’s say at least its president Martin Tremblay sounds like one. This is what his reaction looks like following the news the government of Quebec will have to cut some of the tax credits related to media. In the past years Quebec has been very generous with the big players of the video game […]


Pop! Goes the indie bubble?

Oh I couldn’t care less if there was indeed an indie bubble and if it’s popping or not. For me so far it has always been a tough ride and for quite some time I wasn’t even part of what is most commonly defined as indie by working on F2P MMOs (in the collective imagination […]