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About devs uniting to “beat” Greenlight

If you still haven’t seen it here’s the article:¬†http://kotaku.com/fed-up-with-steam-devs-unite-to-score-extra-greenlight-1651642857 No I won’t get into that group as 1) getting in the top 100 still doesn’t mean you’ll pass Greenlight tomorrow, or next week or next month and 2) as a part-time dev busy finishing his game and still contacting the press and YouTubers I don’t […]


There is no such thing as “indie marketing”

Games are everything. I’ve read all the “books” and applied it all, forget about it. If you don’t have the right game then you are wasting your time with “marketing” unless … All I see are indies that are there for some years now and have a nice following that can sustain them. All I […]


Designing missions for Human Extinction Simulator

Before I realized it I once again put myself in a position where I need to design levels/missions. I swear I wanted to work on a game with procedural generated content but as I said before it just wasn’t as much fun for this game as I thought it’d be. Designing a fun mission for […]


About discounts at release …

Slowly but surely I’m getting closer and closer to the release of HES (though if it’d get too close of the Christmas sale of Steam I might delay it a bit …) so obviously I’m starting to think of my launch strategy. One aspect of it is the all too famous now “discount on day […]


Greenlight limbo, patiently waiting for it to go away

When I submitted Human Extinction Simulator to Greenlight my thoughts were that the earliest I submit it the earliest it would get the necessary votes and I’d be able to release both on Steam and for direct sales at the same time. It sounded like a good plan. What I didn’t foresee is that Greenlight […]