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How indie devs pick their next project – Announcing The Humanity Hypothesis

The Humanity Hypothesis is my next game to be released in 2017 and before going further I suggest you start following the blog of Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green which is my partner in this project: http://psychochild.org/ He’ll have a lot to say about this project and might challenge what you probably assume from seeing the teaser we released. […]


Steam Dev Days – I didn’t miss much but still wish I would have gone

I’d love to go at Steam Dev Days one day but not for the talks or the foolish hope that it would help me to generate more sales. I’d be meeting fellow devs I’ve been chatting with for some years and it’d might be a good way to meet new people who maybe might help […]


First anniversary of being a full-time indie game dev

A year ago I was losing my day job and didn’t know what would be next for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have another indie dev to bet on me and because of this I can now say that I’ve been a full-time indie game dev for a year now! Saying no to Ubisoft […]


Ubisoft wants to help indie devs, unless you’re a solo dev…

Ubisoft launched the Indie Series which is an annual competition for independent game development studios in Canada, offering funding, mentorship, and creative, marketing and financial tools. This includes $50,000 in funding. From what I see there doesn’t seem to have any strings attached for winning. It says the game will be distributed through the UPlay PC […]


Guerrilla marketing – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Scott Cawthon just pulled a brilliant trick to advertise his game by trolling the press. Two days ago he posted an announcement saying that his latest game would be delayed because he let himself get too dark with it. The press is of course very fond of this type of stories so some took the […]