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Indie devs and stores

As you may know, Desura is getting some heat currently for not paying devs on time. It’s apparently a temporary issue related to the fact that the CEO is currently hospitalized. I sure wish him to get better and┬ásympathize with him in this tough situation. What I’m having a bit more difficulty to deal with […]


Prototype : Top-down action with pause action planning

I really need to figure a better description if this is to become my 14th game project but the point is it’s an action game which you can pause and plan actions that will execute themselves once you unpause the game. You can play part of it like a simple top-down action game but I […]


It’s time – I need a new PC

I’ve been pushing this day over and over but now I don’t really have a choice it seems. I’m unable to launch GameMaker without it crashing and now that I’m working on a prototype in Unity there’s a problem when I use shaders and it’s the PC itself that crashes and it crashes BSOD style […]


Rate of success VS the part-time game devs

Daniel Cook posted an interesting article on his blog about Minimum Sustainable Success and it’s another reminder of how tricky it can be to achieve as a part-time game dev. Just working on a project dear to you and doing your best is not a guarantee of success. You can’t predict success or how successful […]


Steamspy – Your voyeur needs have been answered

More or less … Since it’s out there for everyone to see anyway I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about what you can see on that new website SteamSpy which compiles and extrapolates data from Steam. I have never really posted detailed data about exactly how many copies of Human Extinction Simulator […]