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An Early Access Steam wishlist

With the Steam Holiday Sale currently running I expected to finally put my hands on a few games I’ve been watching for some time. I very rarely buy games mostly because at the moment all funds are going to my own projects and basic needs (like you know, eating …). In fact this year the […]


Building an audience as an unknown indie game dev

I’m constantly baffled by how many indie devs posting games on Greenlight are not doing anything to build their audience outside of Steam. It’s not like there’s a lack of “you should do this or that” posts addressed to indies out there. Yet, many of them help propagating the “I just need to get on […]


#GamesMatter interview tonight and see the game in action

In case some people following my blog are not following me on Twitter I thought I’d post the news here as well. I’m doing an interview tonight (December 12th) as part of #GamesMatter and you’ll be able to see the game in action and maybe get your hands on the game (but you should really […]


2015 is coming … A look back and forward

Once again I can’t believe the year is almost over … which is not a good sign about where I think I’d be VS where I’m actually is. If you’re curious a bit you can check my 2014 post here: http://www.over00.com/?p=2374 Looking back: Human Extinction Simulator is still not released   In my 2014 post I […]


Game dev tech – What to pick next?

Bret Airborne and Human Extinction Simulator were both created using Adobe AIR and the Starling framework. Adobe dropped support of Adobe AIR for Linux a long time ago so for sure these games will never be ported to Linux. Not that it’s something I’m really sad about (apparently Linux support is hell) but still I […]