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The many problems with G2A

First thing first, G2A is not a second-hand resale store. There’s no such thing as activating a game on Steam, enjoying it for many years and then one day deciding to detach the key from your account to sell it to someone else. It’s just not possible. All keys sold there never have been “consumed” […]


The problem with Steam recent reviews score

Right when the Summer sale started on Steam, this is what you could see on the page of March of the Living: Just 3 days later, here’s what it looks like: I’d like to be able to explain to you precisely what happened here but the fact is we don’t know exactly how this recent […]


Partnership vs solo

Ever since the release of March of the Living, I’ve become really aware of what it takes for a game to be financially successful. I mean I always knew it wasn’t easy but MotL’s success helped to make this even clearer. The success of MotL is probably enough for me to not look for a […]


Steam Dev Days would be a waste of my time

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Get out there, meet people, make new friends, expand your network, etc. Here’s the thing though. Not everyone fits in this setup. If I would go I’d probably end up talking to the same people I talk to online, waste time hearing about VR while I don’t care about it […]


Why games are announced long before release and then get delayed

So apparently No Man’s Sky is delayed and some people need to use medication to get over this news… To be fair I haven’t really seen these people and it seems it’s more an angle the press is using to spread the story than anything else. Pretend there’s some outrage about news that might relatively […]