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Postmortem: Human Extinction Simulator

On January 21st I released my latest game┬áHuman Extinction Simulator. This postmortem is not meant as a question looking for answers and even less as an answer to questions other indie devs might have. This is simply a slice of life and should only be considered as such. Background I’ve been working on various games […]


Looking for some detailed manual of spaceships

This might sound a bit weird but I’m looking for something that would describe in a very detailed way some spaceships from movies (or other sci-fi source). I’ve been digging on Google and I feel like such thing might exists but I just can’t put my hands on what I’m looking for exactly. For example […]


Playing with Unity just because it’s so easy

I’m still not sure if I’ll develop a game with Unity but I can’t help but to keep playing with it. What used to be a bit intimidating has become a sweet little piece of endless possibilities. I just discovered Makehuman (why isn’t this more advertised on Unity’s website?!?) and the huge Mocap library and […]


My first steps with Unity

Why the sudden interest in Unity? Well it seems all the cool kids play with it and since I currently have some time available I decided to see what the fuss was about. I might also have a game concept in mind and I’m checking how I feel about Unity and working with 3D. Not […]


All reviews of Human Extinction Simulator so far

I decided to keep track of all reviews Human Extinction Simulator got so far first just for fun but also to keep in mind that the game has been receive very positively even if so far it didn’t receive a whole lot of coverage. As you can see the release didn’t receive much coverage from […]