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About discounts at release …

Slowly but surely I’m getting closer and closer to the release of HES (though if it’d get too close of the Christmas sale of Steam I might delay it a bit …) so obviously I’m starting to think of my launch strategy. One aspect of it is the all too famous now “discount on day […]


Greenlight limbo, patiently waiting for it to go away

When I submitted Human Extinction Simulator to Greenlight my thoughts were that the earliest I submit it the earliest it would get the necessary votes and I’d be able to release both on Steam and for direct sales at the same time. It sounded like a good plan. What I didn’t foresee is that Greenlight […]


35 and not quite where I’d want to be

This weekend I turned 35 … and no I’m not quite where I wish I’d be if I’m honest. For some reason, I thought that by the time I’d turned 35 I’d be self-employed, working on games full-time. Not rich but making enough money to not have to do anything else. Because I’ve released so […]


Canadian dollar prices on Steam

I’m guessing that for most Canadians seeing a price in Canadian dollars is just weird. We’re used to see everything in US dollars and we’re used to the fact that we end up paying more than the price we see due to the weakness of the Canadian dollar (yes, it was worth a bit more […]


Indie marketing – The (limited) power of Twitter

If you’re not on Twitter then you’re missing one more simple thing you can do to promote your game. That’s a true statement but it probably doesn’t carry as much weight as you might think. At least, not for everyone. Yesterday I announced that you can now pre-order Human Extinction Simulator and I did so […]