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When you get the same idea as someone else

If you’re keeping track of this blog you know I’m currently trying to make something out of the few prototypes I released recently. Well the wait is over! I figured it out and it’s even already released! Well, okay, I sadly didn’t make this game and my last prototype was getting away from this concept […]


Project #14 – Dual targeting, new prototype

Again this prototype has a different control scheme than the last two. While the “time only pass when you move” thing was cool at first, it didn’t carry enough the feeling I’m looking for. There’s one cool thing I added though and it’s dual targeting. I’m not sure if there’s a game out there that […]


A peek behind the curtain or how you almost heard about my game

With my last post about my disappointment of my results in Steam Summer Sale there were a few people surprised that they didn’t know about my game and recommended that I do a better job at PR. They’re right, one can always do better. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that I […]


A disappointing Summer sale

I already knew it wasn’t going to be great but I was still hoping my first Summer sale would still do better than my two previous experiences with weeklong deals. Human Extinction Simulator was 33% off and Bret Airborne 50% off and I made about 2/3 of what I made during the weeklong deals I […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition – A bit too tedious for my taste

With a new computer I can finally play all the cool games everyone is talking about so of course my first pick was Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m a big fan of these games … or maybe I should say I was … I enjoy the characters, the story, the choices you can make that change […]