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Recording HD gameplay on a slow/old computer

My computer is far from being a gaming rig and when I tried to record proper HD gameplay for the trailer I was seriously reminded. I tried various combinations but the results were terrible. When I didn’t have the recording settings wrong the recording program would slow the game and result in awful FPS. I […]


The Greenlight test for Human Extinction Simulator

Here it is! So is the game ready? No I still have a lot of work to do. So why put it on Greenlight? Well this process can take quite some time assuming it reaches the top 100 so with a bit of luck by the time the game is ready it will have passed […]


You and me don’t charge enough for our games

On March 22 here’s the top sellers list of indie games on Steam: https://twitter.com/Over00/status/447447417265201154 Beside Papers, Please with a 50% discount and Garry’s Mod which has been on the top sellers list since the Big Bang it seems all games are priced $15 or more. What’s the point? Well there are a tons of indie games […]


Part-time indie Monday blues

Monday blues isn’t specific to part-time indies that’s no secret. Maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you had a wild weekend or maybe it’s just Garfield messing with your head. I can however only talk about what I know so here’s how Monday blues feel to me as a part-time indie. Already one foot […]


Blowing off some Steam

What would you say to someone offering you the following: I’ll put your product on a giant billboard near the highway for free for a day. All I ask in return is that you give me 30% of the money you make from products sold due to this billboard (we have mind reading technology that […]