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Repeating what has been said a thousand times – Guide for indie game devs

What follows wasn’t invented by me. It’s stuff most indie devs going at it for some time have said before so why waste my time repeating it? Well, apparently many people are having a hard time doing some research before blindly following their “dream” and again and again we keep hearing these stories about indie […]


2017 is coming … A look back and forward

I’ve been making this kind of post since 2013. You can check the one I made last year here: http://www.over00.com/index.php/archives/3015 (each post link to the previous one). 2016 objective: Not look for another day job – Success March of the Living was released this year and made enough money for me to not have to look […]


How do you generally learn about new indie games – The results

Yesterday I posted a poll on Twitter asking people how they learn about new indie games most of the time. The poll is still open but it’s starting to lose steam so here’s my analysis of this completely non-scientific and bogus poll.   It’s easy to reach people when you ask their opinion or get […]


Will we ever see less discounts on Steam?

No discount for the Autumn Sale You probably haven’t noticed but some games are not “participating” in the Autumn Sale. Games likes Rimworld, Planet Explorers, Xenonauts and probably many more I don’t know about (it’s hard enough to find specific games with discounts during a seasonal sale so finding those without discounts is even more difficult). […]


The financial reality of being indie and doing just okay

My game March of the Living made more money than I have ever seen in my life if you look at the gross revenue. Of course, once you remove Steam’s cut and then split what remains with the publisher, what is left will be more or less the same kind of salary I was making […]