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A few thoughts about job hunting

Flirting with the thought of game development full-time is nice but I still need to also do my homework to find a more steady job I might actually enjoy. Job advertising websites The first thing I noticed is that the main websites to advertise jobs here (jobboom and monster) and terribly frustrating to browse as […]


Unemployment, game development and the need to be backed by someone

It’s been almost a week now since I heard the news that me and 3 other people didn’t have a job anymore. I hear even more people might lose their job. Things are bad. To see my ex-boss having to make this kind of decisions gets me to wonder a bit about how far I’d […]


I’m unemployed – Day #4, the silence

I was expecting this. After the sympathy calls from ex-coworkers, after fellow indie devs supporting me, after the nice thing I’ve seen on Twitter, silence is all around me. Losing your job isn’t the end of the world so you can’t expect people making too much of a big deal out of this after a […]


I’m unemployed – What happens next?

I won’t lie, being told from your employer after 15 years of service that they are letting you go hits like a ton of bricks. I won’t discuss the details but I’ll simply say that I’m on very good terms with my ex-bosses and they are sad that they have to let me go. Things […]


Outgunned, dev diary #1 – OMG you’re making a shooter!

I prefer “run and gun” but okay, a shooter. Why on Earth would I want to get into this overcrowded genre? Isn’t a common tip to indie devs that you should work on original concepts? Find a niche where you might have some more chances to shine? Well, what can I say … You play […]