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Human Extinction Simulator is now released!

  Get it here and receive a Steam key with your DRM-free copy:¬†http://www.machine22.com/humanextinctionsimulator/ This is the result of more than a year of work done part-time. This is a big day for me. I’m excited, hopeful, scared, anxious, joyful, etc. Pretty much everything at once. It’s a weird feeling but the weirdest thing is that […]


Artist or programmer – Which one you wish to be to make games

The real answer is neither. You want to be one with a good idea but for the sake of this post the answer is: you ideally want to be the one who can make something pretty by yourself. Four years ago I wrote a post titled I want to be an artist, you want to […]


Release strategy for Human Extinction Simulator – What to do?

Human Extinction Simulator is now ready for its official release. I’m still playing it on a regular basis “just in case” I find some new bugs but so far so good. Everything seems to be in order. This should be quite an exciting time (and it is!) but ¬†there’s still something bugging me: its absence […]


2014 – A few observations on the games world

I already did my personal 2014 recap but I wanted to come back on a few things on the game industry in general so here it goes. So many games we don’t know about Oh it was always like this but because I did a lot of email digging in 2014 for PR purpose it […]


Win some, lose many more – Reaching out to the press

I stopped counting the number of emails I sent to the press a long time ago. Same for YouTubers. The ratio of emails sent / answers received is terrible and in many case the exposure gained from these efforts was also terrible. But even with poor results I keep going at it because I live […]