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It starts with a game and another, another … indie marketing plan

You probably won’t read that anywhere but the best indie marketing plan is probably to just have released a few games that sit in the “good” category. People will tell you to go to shows, how to contact the press, how to write a press release, what to put on your website but they all […]


The indie chart

Oh there’s nothing scientific in this and I’m not sure there’s really any point I’m trying to make here beside entertaining myself. I think however that it gives a pretty good idea of the various states of what we see qualified as “indie” though. Note that it’s not necessarily a ladder that you “have” to […]


Coverage of Human Extinction Simulator so far

Just in case you missed any of the coverage of Human Extinction Simulator so far here’s a quick recap. I’ve left out the posts that were mostly just a copy/paste of the emails I sent to only focus on the ones with actual comments on the game or interviews. What’s really good here is that […]


Dev log #427 of Human Extinction Simulator

Okay so that’s not really log #427. #427 is really just the number of full backups I made of the code so far. There is some new exciting stuff I’m working on right now and I thought I’d share a bit of it here. AI for player’s ships Of course the player will control all […]


Indie game devs & YouTubers … same challenge

In the past two weeks I’ve sent many emails to YouTubers about Human Extinction Simulator. I’m still far from done and it’s worth mentioning that for now I mostly focused on YouTubers with a small audience. Why not go straight to the “big ones”? Simply that’s what everyone else is doing. While doing this I […]