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The various types of game trailers

I already know that one of the negative point I’ll write in the post-mortem of Human Extinction Simulator¬†will be about its trailer. It’s a mix of not being great at this (I do hope I’m getting better with time but eh …), having my computer crash every 20 minutes when I’m trying to build it, […]


How Not To Get Your Game Reviewed – The other side

So once again we are blessed with advice from the Internet in this article titled “How Not To Get Your Game Reviewed“. I’m not saying there’s not something good to get out of this but as always be careful when reading these “advice”. #10 – ¬†I see plenty of Kickstarter getting covered and often what […]


Managing your indie #gamedev expectations and setting an objective

A tough thing to ask indies is that they see their journey in game development as a marathon when what we keep seeing day after day are sprinters occupying 90% of the press space. It can be difficult but that’s the only way to be able to continue working when things don’t quite go the […]


Guerilla marketing – How the press can be easily fooled sometimes

11 bit studios recently posted 10 Steam keys of their newest game This War of Mine on The Pirate Bay and it didn’t took long for some of the press to quickly turn this small investment into precious additional visibility. Polygon goes with an article titled “Dealing with pirates? Give them free copies of your […]


Getting attention – What worked and what didn’t so far

Twitter : Not great Twitter doesn’t quite work. At least, it’s far from any expectations I had. I already talked about it but I think it’s worth repeating as I’m not the only one that came to that conclusion. Interesting fact: writing a tweet that gets retweeted ten thousand times does NOT translate into more […]