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The difficulty of reaching players when you didn’t release a “hit”

Last week, a DLC for March of the Living was released: The Three of Us. You can check it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/502560/ I also invite you to check this post from the person who wrote this DLC, Brian “Psychochild” Green: http://psychochild.org/?p=1421 While March of the Living (MotL) did well, it doesn’t qualify as a “hit”. This means that […]


Tips you were never given about being indie

These are not tips to make that big hit you might be after, you’re on your own for this. Live in a country where the dollar is worth less than the US dollar As weird at it is, a considerable part of the success I’m enjoying right now is due to the fact that I […]


Unexpected anxiety following a moderate success

Last April, I released my first financially successful game allowing me to be a full-time indie dev, March of the Living (MotL). My story isn’t one of overnight success but one of 9 years and 14 released games in the making. It’s the kind of story you probably won’t read in the press because it’s lacking […]


Steam Summer sale 2016 – A few thoughts

What’s the secret to do well during a seasonal sale on Steam? Easy, release a game that knows some success to start with. You might get slightly different results based on the discount you apply but the sales you made on your release week should hint at how you’ll make on a seasonal sale. No […]


The many problems with G2A

First thing first, G2A is not a second-hand resale store. There’s no such thing as activating a game on Steam, enjoying it for many years and then one day deciding to detach the key from your account to sell it to someone else. It’s just not possible. All keys sold there never have been “consumed” […]