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Indie game devs & YouTubers … same challenge

In the past two weeks I’ve sent many emails to YouTubers about Human Extinction Simulator. I’m still far from done and it’s worth mentioning that for now I mostly focused on YouTubers with a small audience. Why not go straight to the “big ones”? Simply that’s what everyone else is doing. While doing this I […]


Art and passion VS business and profits … Why not both!

The word “indie” evokes plenty of different things to different people but more specifically to many game devs it means something like “a creative/artistic process/passion as an end in itself”. Making money with their games is not an objective but maybe just a bonus or maybe it’s some kind of objective but they are still […]


Greenlight stats, 4 months later

Exactly 4 months ago I was posting Human Extinction Simulator on Steam Greenlight. What does it looks like now? Well … The optimistic way to look at this is to say that the game gained 10% per month and that it should complete the process in 6 more months but the actual true way to […]


The fight for 5 minutes or why we’re not done yet with Early Access, Kickstarter and others

It seems half the news I read these days are about games that can’t really tell us yet what features will be part of the final release. Sometimes it’s conditional to meeting some objective on a Kickstarter campaign and sometimes it’s because the devs just don’t know if their Early Access period will get enough […]


Emailing the press and YouTubers properly (or at least trying)

In the last past week I’ve been sending quite some emails to the press and YouTubers about Human Extinction Simulator. It’s not easy to always get the answer you wish you had but here’s how I’ve been doing it so far. When sending these emails I try my best to follow the many things press […]