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How to prevent small well rated games on Steam from getting screwed

Okay so it seems that the best way to hope changes might be done to reviews on Steam is to suggest simple things that can be easily done. Suggesting big changes most likely have little chances to ever see the day of light so let’s stick to a single problem that could be fixed: small […]


How useful are user reviews anyway

After 7 years of marriage I finally booked our honeymoon in Cuba! Or you could say I just booked some random beach vacation for this winter since it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a honeymoon 7 years after the fact… I’m a really careful guy when it comes to money and before […]


The one time a game dev doesn’t want a YouTuber attention

I sometimes wonder how I’d react if a YouTube celebrity would pick one of my games and bash on it for 30 minutes as entertainment value for his public. Apparently there’s no such thing as bad publicity but that’s the kind I’d rather avoid receiving anyway. The good news is that the chances of that […]


Valve just screwed a bit more small indie teams

I already talked about the problems with the “recent review score” on Steam here (http://www.over00.com/index.php/archives/3141) and I was actually preparing another post about how the review system on Steam is problematic and could be improved (like how a thumb up/down system doesn’t encourage nuanced reviews as in the end you just see the score based […]


The definitive guide to bundles for indie devs

There are subjects that will be eternally debatable and others I can’t figure why we’re still talking about them. Bundles are a pretty easy subject to close once and for all so let me do so. So read the following and blindly apply my advice like you should always do when reading anything on the […]