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Guerilla marketing – How the press can be easily fooled sometimes

11 bit studios recently posted 10 Steam keys of their newest game This War of Mine on The Pirate Bay and it didn’t took long for some of the press to quickly turn this small investment into precious additional visibility. Polygon goes with an article titled “Dealing with pirates? Give them free copies of your […]


Getting attention – What worked and what didn’t so far

Twitter : Not great Twitter doesn’t quite work. At least, it’s far from any expectations I had. I already talked about it but I think it’s worth repeating as I’m not the only one that came to that conclusion. Interesting fact: writing a tweet that gets retweeted ten thousand times does NOT translate into more […]


The thing when you write post-mortems

If things didn’t go your way you are most likely to be even more clueless about why it went wrong once you read the comments … Kyle Pittman wrote a post-mortem about Super Win the Game here. Reading the comments is quite depressing. Depressing because instead of thanking the dev, people are spending their time […]


Game ideas are cheap so here’s some

I’ve had so many ideas “stolen” in the past few years that I have given up on the concept of “ideas” itself. I now believe in timing, experience, patterns and the very old concept of “get up in the morning and do something”. I may or may not plan to build upon these ideas but […]


The price of cheap

I like cheap stuff. I seem to never have enough money to have my conscience clear of buying luxury things. Not expensive things, just things I don’t really need but can still brighten my day. I’m a Netflix subscriber. Tonight, my wife fell asleep early so I decide to watch a movie. My first pick was […]