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How to feel better about your imposter syndrome

There’s an article on Polygon in ¬†which some game developers are talking about this imposter syndrome they are feeling. I’m guessing that you need to have met success of a particular scale to start feeling that way as it’s really not something I can relate to and even have a hard time understanding. My best […]


Announcing March of the Living

  This is the game (downloadable PC / Mac release that will be sold on Steam, Humble Store and the like) I have been busy working on for the past few months and I’m now happy to share some details about it. This a joint production between Machine 22 (me) and Creaky Corpse, acting as […]


2016 is coming … A look back and forward

2015 was exciting and a bit crazy near the end. You can check my 2014 post here:¬†http://www.over00.com/index.php/archives/2677 Human Extinction Simulator was released I had great hopes for HES. Well, modest hopes I should say but looking back it was maybe a bit too much to ask of it. In 2014 I was hoping to sell […]


I watched The Last of Us “movie” and I’m glad I didn’t play it

I watched a movie version of the game on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9wpzJw8GKy4_Tn6ABK1eFpyB1kKYD7P6) because I don’t have a PlayStation and don’t plan to buy one anytime soon. I head great things about this game and it indeed has a nice story with interesting characters but damn I’m glad I didn’t decide to play the game instead. It […]


Why I turned down a job offer from Ubisoft

On October 6th, seven days after losing my job, I was in contact with a Ubisoft recruiter after being referred by an ex-coworker. Ten days later I was receiving a job offer from Ubisoft meaning that I could have been unemployed for a total of only two weeks. I turned down the offer for which […]