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Game dev roadblocks – Part-time edition

As you may know, I’m currently working on a new game project. It’s still only a prototype and it’s been like that for some time now because I’ve been hitting many roadblocks that are probably normal but can quickly become tough to overcome when you’re doing this part-time. To help understand the whole situation here’s […]


Running an indie game business in a hit world

What if the key to being financially successful in independent game development was to release a small game, make some profit, increase your expenses a bit for the next title, make some bigger profits and repeat until you’ve reached a point where money is not an issue anymore? That’d be nice for sure and that’s […]


Cold approaching artists

I’ve been making various games for some time now but I only released 2 “PC games” so I’m still puzzled about the proper or I should say ideal order of the steps that will get me to release. Things like how far should I go before I bother to add what will be the final […]


Indie devs VS price

The price at which indie games should be sold is a recurrent topic and this time it’s brought back by Robert Boy, an indie game dev, on NeoGAF. His point is that indie games should be cheaper (go read the whole post, it’s really short).  As I posted before I don’t agree with this but […]


Analyzing game development cost

Stats are fascinating. Specially when they’re coming from indie devs. Robotality, the studio who released the game Halfway, recently published their stats after one year here: http://robotality.com/blog/one-year-of-halfway/ The first thing that struck me when reading these stats is that after six months I made a higher net revenue than them which really don’t make any sense […]