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Finishing before the deadline and under budget

First thing first, if you haven’t read yet the article my publisher, Neil Yates from Creaky Corpse, wrote about his transition from indie dev to publisher you should go read it right now:¬†http://gamasutra.com/blogs/NeilYates/20160428/271515/The_transition_from_indie_developer_to_publisher.php It’s not quite a full postmortem on March of the Living but a detailed piece explaining how the game came to reality. […]


A quick update on my status as an indie dev

Yep, following the release of March of the Living, it looks like I’ll be a full-time indie dev for at least the next year and possibly more! An actual postmortem will follow later once things settle a bit.


Grief and releasing a game at the same time

Just in a few days, my next game March of the Living will be released. This project started after I lost the job I had for 15 years. The only job I ever had. It became possible because Neil Yates from Creaky Corpse liked my idea and believed I could deliver. Even by being on […]


Simple tips all indie devs can use

No you won’t find here tricks on how to make money, how to find that great idea that will become hugely popular or how to run a successful business. Even if I thought I knew these things I wouldn’t even bother posting them as chances are I’d only be fooling myself thinking I’m right. There […]


March of the Living now on Steam Greenlight

It’s an important step toward the release of the game and even though I already have 2 other games on Steam it’s still a process this new game has to complete. You can vote for the game by clicking on the widget below. Official website and teaser The official has also been released (http://www.marchofthelivinggame.com/) and […]