Blimp Wars

Behind the scene of Blimp Wars

The release of Blimp Wars wasn’t as successful as what I was hoping for and I received very few answers from all the people I contacted (more on that later). One person that answered me was Richard Hill-Whittall from He thought my little story was interesting so here it is, behind the scene of […]


The anxiety of the first hours

If you released a game and are a bit like me the first few hours after release you are in “panic mode”. “Oh I should have done that”, “What if people don’t like it”, “This is the end of the world!!!!”. Hopefully you’re not like me and are able to take it easy. So consider […]


Blimp Wars is now released!

Well it’s done! Blimp Wars is now officially released! For those that don’t know what I’m talking about it goes like this: Blimp Wars is a casual multiplayer game where players are fighting in the sky at the controls of steampunk blimps. This new game is built on the same homemade framework as Golemizer. The […]