Game industry

You and me don’t charge enough for our games

On March 22 here’s the top sellers list of indie games on Steam: Beside Papers, Please with a 50% discount and Garry’s Mod which has been on the top sellers list since the Big Bang it seems all games are priced $15 or more. What’s the point? Well there are a tons of indie games […]


Good riddance Funcom

Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely NOT happy that many people in Montreal will lose their jobs. I don’t even hate Funcom. In fact I don’t really have an opinion on their games. But the recent news won’t help to change in any way my opinion on how my tax money is blindly spent on game […]


Montreal: All your game studios are belong to us

There’s an interesting article in today’s La Presse about how Ubisoft came to Montreal. I read it on the paper version and can’t find it online but to make a long story short some lobbyist from here decided Ubisoft would come to Montreal, promised stuff the government wasn’t aware of ($25,000 per employee per year) […]