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Don’t quit your day job? Here’s why I haven’t…

On September 14th Golemizer will be 2 years old. I was wondering which way I could highlight this anniversary so here’s a look at how it did on the financial level. I won’t go into much details about the why it did good or bad as I’ve already touched these on my blog (and still […]


More power to Golemizer’s community

I keep getting requests from players that would like to become GMs. The problem is that most of them just don’t understand what becoming a GM for Golemizer is about. Sure you get access to the mute and ban commands but those are just boring tools. I have never given a GM account based only […]


Starcraft 2: Where is this new game I bought?

Well yes I bought Starcraft 2. Yes I was partly right about what I was fearing and yes I have only myself to blame for those $60 I spent … Bah … I don’t care about multiplayer so that leaves me the campaign and matches against the PC. I knew that and the campaign was […]