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Zombie game available for bidding on FGL

I recently completed my first real single-player Flash game named I am zombie. The game is currently up for bidding on (and received an editor’s rating of 8!!!) and surely would make a nice Halloween game for any website out there. The game is fairly simple but that’s what makes it great. At first […]


Money always win… or almost always win…

I’m going to ask you a question at the end of this post so just hold on and go through my random rambling if you don’t mind. Today it was announced that Dextrose has been acquired by Zynga, the standout leader in mindless social gaming as it’s said on the website (or something like it). […]


Game development: Don’t try to learn too much

The funny thing about this post is that I’m telling you right away to not listen to anything I’m about to tell you. In fact you should not even listen to me telling you to not listen to what I’ll tell you. Repeat until your brain explodes. I finally took some time to play the […]