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The hardest thing is to let go

Or maybe I should say that the hardest thing is to face that working hard just doesn’t cut it. You need to be good, you need to be brilliant, you need to have that little spark in your mind. I don’t think I have much of this. I’m just able to get work done but […]


The things we hate about games

Oh the web … The ultimate media of the people or the sandbox of haters? … Games are too linear I guess you all have seen this in the last few days. Personally I don’t quite see what’s so wrong about it. Were FPS ever so much better? Is exploration and freedom the only worthwhile […]


Good F2P vs bad F2P

I’m not bad at FPS. I’m not great either but I’m either in the middle of the pack or at the top when playing against slightly less experienced people. Good F2P: Bad F2P: I can compete in Quake Live but not in Battlefield Heroes. I wish I could blame it on some difference […]