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Star Corsairs MMO – Version

Well okay it’s really just a test I assembled quickly to test SmartFoxServer but when I got to this point with Golemizer it was an amazing moment so here it is! So here’s what you want to know first and then some more thoughts after: Go to You will be automatically logged in as […]


Streaky business

So apparently I’ve been screwed by bad luck. Don’t take my words for it. Here’s what FGL_Eric told me on Star Corsairs did go out in daily email, on a very busy day, but it’s still pretty unlucky to get zero views. 11 sponsors saw Star Corsairs. 6 of them were mailed by me […]


The stages of indie

Recently Mike posted on his blog “Am I an Indie Developer?“. That’s funny because about a year ago I posted about that topic in response to another of his post. We can’t be the only ones wondering what’s really indie so here we go again. I won’t talk about what others think indie is but […]