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Last system in Star Corsairs before it gets out of hands

Yeah I left that from my last post but for a good reason. If it’s not sure, if it’s not clear then don’t talk about it. I learned that. Now I can say for sure it’s happening before beta release so here it is. Features creep? As I get closer to the “official release” I […]


The nonsense of MMOs

I haven’t played on a regular an MMO for a long time now. The last one was Champions Online which I tried to check again recently. Unfortunately it seems that for Champions Online F2P means that if you want to play your level 22 character you used to play when it was a subscription game […]


Star Corsairs as F2P and an update on progress

With the latest update (still in alpha but getting close to beta) I started to introduce the monetization features of Star Corsairs. Star Corsairs will be F2P but hopefully not the kind that is annoying. Dual currency Well nothing new here. Credits are gained by destroying aliens, doing missions and trading. Aliens will give more […]