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From indies to indies: A talk with the dev of Solar 2

I always like to peek a bit into the life of another indie game dev. Sometimes it’s just to confirm that we go through the same difficulties but often it’s to get some motivation boost. I’m not really interested by advice giving. I just enjoy reading stories about how people got stuff done without having […]


Looking for your first impression about Star Corsairs (help!)

This is the last call before release… I guess. I can’t say when release will be but I’m really close of the beta release. Right now what’s “delaying” the release is mostly all the stuff I must write, people I must contact, screenshots to take, ads I must build, etc. But the other thing holding […]


3 years of Golemizer and 3 months of Star Corsairs

I just received an email from the great Doctor Alienus (an amazing GM in Golemizer who’s been there since launch day) and I feel like time is passing by so fast. Yep! Golemizer is now 3 years old! That feels a bit surreal when I think about it. This was my first game and while […]