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Ereptoria devlog – The need for chickens

I’m a visual type of person and one of these days I’ll have to accept that. No matter how hard I try to plan in ways that don’t involve working on graphics before I nail the main mechanic/feel/experience I can’t help it. The good news is that I’m slowly accepting that I’m just like that […]


Revealing the name of my stealth game and doing it on a budget again …

So the name is … Ereptoria Ereptoria was the name of my very first game experiment. I say experiment as I was mostly messing around with the in-house CMS from my day job. It was a typical turn-based browser game in which players were the leaders of thieves’ guilds on an island-city. Ereptoria – City […]


About these top 10 lists to indie games dev success

I know, I know … most people writing those lists are only trying to “help” or share bits from their experience in the hope to do some good. Well you know what they say about good intentions … well okay it’s not always that bad. I don’t have anything against people writing such list. I […]