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Releasing my first downloadable game

It’s done! You can now buy Tales of Another Galaxy! Oh and if you could stop by Steam Greenlight and vote for it that’d be great too: Tales of Another Galaxy on Steam Greenlight I can’t believe this is my 11th game since I started in 2007. At a time where it many devs go […]


A few tips to turn your AS3 AIR game into a desktop game

Cool I code my game in AS3 and still make it a desktop game! It was great at first until I finally got to the part where I needed to turn my code into a desktop experience. An experience that would look like any other game out there … Oh it’s very possible and it’s […]


FTL – A few tips to avoid rage quit

FTL is an odd game. Odd as I don’t usually enjoy such frustrating game but this one I can’t quit. Maybe it’s the theme. Maybe it’s the simplicity mixed with constant rewards. I’m now 60 hours in and I still have 2 ships (+ variants) to unlock so I’ll probably put another 10-15 hours before […]