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Announcing Bret Airborne – Demo and pre-order available

I’m happy to announce my new project Bret Airborne! It’s a match 3 RPG currently in development but you can already download an alpha version demo and pre-order the game on the official website here (gameplay video included!): Pre-ordering the game gives you immediate access to the latest alpha build and all updates forever. […]


Good riddance Funcom

Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely NOT happy that many people in Montreal will lose their jobs. I don’t even hate Funcom. In fact I don’t really have an opinion on their games. But the recent news won’t help to change in any way my opinion on how my tax money is blindly spent on game […]


Motivational indie poster: Marketing

Or demotivational? Anyway it’s a poster. A tongue-in-cheek poster but if I have to say so then … well I’ll try to do better next time. Marketing is like a highway filled with grey cars. There are so many cars and most of them all look the same so it’s really difficult to have someone […]