Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely NOT happy that many people in Montreal will lose their jobs. I don’t even hate Funcom. In fact I don’t really have an opinion on their games.

But the recent news won’t help to change in any way my opinion on how my tax money is blindly spent on game studios in Quebec.

In a perfect world filled with pink candies my dear provincial government would be HELPING people to create jobs and not PERMANENTLY subsidizing jobs from foreign studios. But why bother trying to act in an intelligent fashion after all. It’s just easier to greet a big foreign studio to make sure you get your picture in the news.

Again I’d like to know the exact terms of this whole “salaries will be subsidized up to 37.5%” (translated source). Are we asking them to at least guarantee us they’ll be around for 5-10 years? Probably not. Are we even supervising in some way how they are using this money? I highly doubt so. Oh sure if you want help to start your own business then they’ll make sure to make this experience as painful as possible and they’ll be monitoring you closely. Like that program I applied to and was rejected.

Sure jobs were created. Tax were paid. Sure we now have more people with experience in the game industry. But was it really the best way to get this done? You know my opinion.

So it’s nothing personal Funcom. We’re the ones to blame in fact. Now let’s just hope that some of the former employees will decide to start their own studio and that our beloved government will give them the same love they gave Funcom (and Bioware, Ubisoft, EA, WB, etc.). Not to permanently keep them alive but to help them create a business run by local people. If we’re so frickin good as these studios tell we are when they come here this shouldn’t be a problem …