I’m happy to announce my new project Bret Airborne! It’s a match 3 RPG currently in development but you can already download an alpha version demo and pre-order the game on the official website here (gameplay video included!):


Pre-ordering the game gives you immediate access to the latest alpha build and all updates forever. Should the game be released on Steam you’ll also receive a free Steam key (submission to Steam Greenlight will happen later in the development process).

Match 3 RPG

What’s in the latest alpha build is the basic match 3 mechanic against AI and local player. Match 3 cannon balls or more to attack your opponent, match 3 resources or more to unlock powers, etc. I’m also introducing a new element I haven’t seen so far in other match 3 RPGs: splitted play-zone for each player. You can only move blocks on your side of the board but match 4 blocks or more and the middle delimiter will be temporarily pushed so you can play more blocks. Create a match using blocks on the other side of the middle delimiter and gain piratery points to increase the effects of your powers. More tricks involving this mechanic are to be expected later in the development process.

This is the starting point of what will become a full RPG as progress is made. This means a single-player story mode with powers and skills customization, many different enemies and various scenarios involving the match 3 mechanic (steal cargo, fight in a storm, etc.).


As I said pre-ordering the game will allow you to follow the development of the game and download all future updates. You’re also invited to provide feedback on the official forums here: http://www.machine22.com/forums/

It’s a nice opportunity to be part of the development of the game and see how it all unfolds. When a new update is available you’ll be automatically notified by the game or you can also follow this blog for more information.