As always you can download this update if you pre-ordered the game by launching the game and clicking the “Download update” button appearing at the bottom right of the screen.

You can try the demo and pre-order the game by visiting

Update notes

  • Left FPS display in the top left corner. It should usually remain over 50, close to 60. If not I’d like to know when it drops lower than 50 and what kind of machine you’re running the game on.
  • Replaced cannons for chests in duels
    • Combining 3 chests or more will create a random block (other than a chest) with a x2 multiplier
  • Optimization to limit creation of new objects (and prevent the bug crashing the game in the previous version)
  • Improve lock on board when it’s still processing combinations
  • There is now 20 powers and 20 augmentations
    • These can still change but it’s a good starting point to start balancing things.
    • Feedback to balance these powers and augmentations are welcome!
  • Added missing sound effects to powers and events
  • Added feedback to augmentations effects
  • Improved AI use of powers

Note: All aircrafts have just been assigned random powers/augmentations for now so feel free to customize them. These are not the final aircrafts.

What’s next?

Well first a lot of balancing. I need to make sure that all powers/augmentations are first useful and are well-balanced. Feel free to send me feedback on that matter to

Then I’ll start working on the map for the campaign. Navigation, store, encounters, transitions, etc. I’ll probably start working on the save game feature (which will be automatic) for the next build. There are some decisions I need to make like do I allow multiple players slots so working on the save game might have an influence on the campaign interface.

I’m also working on alternative gameplay. I’d like to find at least 1 (2 would be great) way to play the match 3 part in a way that doesn’t always involve shooting down another aircraft. I have a few ideas but again if you have suggestion just drop me a word.

Oh did I post the pre-order link?! ;-)