As always you can download this update if you pre-ordered the game by launching the game and clicking the “Download update” button appearing at the bottom right of the screen.

You can try the demo (newly updated so it’s way more stable than before) and pre-order the game by visiting

Update notes

  • New game mode: Gauntlet of challenges
    • You must win 20 duels. Some duels will reward you with random augmentations and powers.
    • This new mode also introduce the notion of “profiles” so various players can save their progress.
  • Powers and augmentations are now way more balanced (thanks Brian!).
  • New options for duels:
    • Storm – careful not to match the lightnings!
    • Remove cannon balls – fight only with powers
    • Remove repair tools – speed up duels
  • Tweaked AI to prevent using some powers twice in the same turn that wouldn’t provide additional bonuses for being used twice.
  • Fixed board interaction after a power ending your turn creates a match 4 or + combination.
  • Fixed aircrafts getting off the screen after 2 consecutive explosions.
  • Small random movement of aircraft correctly reactivated after an explosion.
  • Bonus when matching chests is now applied to the block that was moved to create the match.
  • Grammar stuff fixed (thanks again Brian!).