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Finally you get to see what will be the campaign or story mode or the non-instant duel mode or whatever you like to call it. I’m not set on a final name yet as I’m thinking on adding more modes so just calling it “campaign” might give the impression that the other modes I’m thinking about are not the “real” game. Hmm … well it makes sense to me anyway.

Remember that the game is still in alpha so there’s still a lot of work to do but I’m now ready to get feedback on that part of the game.

Update notes

  • Campaign preview
    • ERASE YOUR CURRENT PROFILE BEFORE PLAYING THE CAMPAIGN (just create a new profile over your existing profile) otherwise I guarantee it won’t be good.
    • When you start a new campaign you receive a free random power to help your offensive (something that do direct damage or create cannon balls)
    • If you lose a duel you simply get back to the start of the current level.
    • First version of world map so obviously still many visual improvements to add still let me know what feels good and what feels wrong. That will help me to focus my efforts.
    • For now it’s just an infinite number of zones with the same 2 type of enemies
    • Chests have a 10% chance of giving +1 gold in duels
    • Augmentations and powers price still need to be better balanced
    • Enemies now have a “bounty” value associated with them in campaign mode. This is the reward you’ll get.
      • Initial plan was to have coins blocks but I found that it was nearly impossible to adjust the price of powers and augmentations based on how many coins combinations could be achieved.
    • Eldorado now gives 20% more gold per reward for winning a duel
    • I still have to add a tower building mini-game to the campaign but if you have more mini-games ideas for the campaign let me know!
  • If a player activate ramming speed and dies from it then the opponent is declared the winner
  • Added error message when trying to activate time bomb when the power is already activated
  • Updated description of powers
  • Added information button (look for the ? near the HP bar) in duel to see augmentations
  • Fixed possibility to play when it’s the AI turn
  • Gauntlet
    • Slightly raised the chance of player to get cannon balls and lowered HP of enemy on first duel
    • Fixed music overlap
    • Fixed unable to load a game after exiting a duel and returning to the gauntlet
  • Added music when losing a duel
  • Additional check to prevent the board being lock when it’s the player’s turn

What’s next

Well more work on the campaign. A build tower mini-game will be added. Basically you’ll have to play a match 3 game with specific goals to build a tower. You’ll have 1 shot. If you succeed you’ll get gold.

I’m slowly starting to think to add a difficulty slider as it might prove useful for the campaign. I need to think of a death penalty so adding lives is a possibility (easy = 5 lives, normal = 3 lives, hard = no lives so you can’t lose a duel).

I’ll keep adjusting the price of powers and augmentations as I keep playing. I’ll also introduce new enemies and experiment with different combinations of powers and augmentations to make them interesting. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me.