Saw Avatar last night and was impressed. First thing I noticed is that 3D is not “in your face, ah! you thought it was coming at you”. I’m not a movie critic so go see it yourself and make your own opinion.

But do make an opinion. Don’t just take one of the pre-built opinion and apply it to your judgement.

Honestly, I stop any conversation with any elitist pseudo-critic when I read the same thing from some “journalist” shitting on any blockbuster (yes I do consider Avatar like an easy blockbuster because it will reach way more people than say Mulholland Drive that I also liked, doesn’t mean it’s bad from my point of view though).

How does it links to games? Well I think that too many “games critics” lack imagination and are copying “movie critics”. Does it have to be exactly the same?!?! Note the quotes. I do respect the insights someone can provide as long as they actually have something to say intelligent about it. I just think that most don’t (put quotes around me, I allow you).

You released an amazing game and you’re unknown: Masterpiece!

You released an amazing game and you are starting to get known: He did it again!

You are well-known for your work and released an amazing game: Good but with flaws.

You have produce the game that sold the most copies this year: That’s obviously shit.

There’s nothing new in this. Congratulates me for saying once more the obvious. The great thing about blogging is that I can still say that when something becomes hugely popular it then starts to be considered like shit without actually caring if it’s been said a thousand times. You know, if you don’t say it you don’t think it … Bah, stupid web …

Obviously, people who don’t like something are most likely to speak about it than people who liked it (people who have worked on MMOs are all saying the same thing it seems … and I’ll add that I know a thing or two about that). The more people get in contact with something the more likely you are to hear something bad about it (we all know WoW sucks even if there’s so many people playing it … Or does it sucks because there’s so many people playing it?????).

I invented nothing here so I guess I wasted bandwidth (again blame the Interweb for getting us to blogging).

By the way don’t buy that popcorn they sell. It cost way too much and it annoys the hell out of me …