That was the title of the post I was writing a few minutes ago. It wasn’t turning as I wanted it to be so I decided to scrap it but kept the title. Maybe someone else can write in a more clever way about this than me as I think it might be a valid question.

So instead I decided that once in a while I would talk about some indie games. I surely don’t plan to write reviews so don’t write to me about this. I’ll just use these games as a way to feed this blog with some thoughts about whatever I feel writing about.

So I was going through my RSS reader and stumble on Labyrinthos from an unnamed dev (unless Daredevil is the name?) featured on The game is simple as you walk through a maze in search for monsters to slay. Graphics are very basic but it kinda remind me those games I used to play when I was a kid. I don’t know what language this is but I know I cannot read anything there. Surely by doing some research you can come up with a translation or guide.

On my first run I died on the second monster I encountered and then was taken to what I guess is a game over screen. It was a bit frustrating to have to create again a character with a cryptic name.

Here’s a gameplay video:

For some reason there’s something awfully familiar about this game but I can’t quite nail what it is. Oh! I get it! I think it kinda remember me of this game which is surely easier to understand (well at least for someone speaking english). The dev that built it should probably contact about it as I think it’s similar if not better than Labyrinthos.

Of course there’s a cash shop in the game and it’s using Facebook Connect so it probably makes the whole thing evil or something. Well that’s just my guess so I might be wrong and it surely wouldn’t be the first time …