I always have a hard time explaining to friends (friends I meet face to face on a regular basis … well a bit less now and I’ll explain why) what is this whole building games stuff. Maybe I’m boring as hell or maybe they just don’t give a shit but that’s never easy. On the other hand I have an easy time being interested in what those friends are doing. You know … because they are friends and I care about their passion and what they are going through …

Well it’s worse on Facebook and it’s not quite a surprise considering how it is in real life. Let’s take a look at what I see on my Facebook wall:

  • Some random comment about someone waiting to get a donut (posted from an iPhone …)
  • Spam from some random games I don’t care about (note to self, block those)
  • Someone writing to say that he’s closing his computer (thanks for letting me know!)
  • Another random comment with no context at all that I don’t get
  • Stupid spam from a fortune cookie app
  • Someone letting us know that he is on vacation so we can all realize that we are not
  • A stupid video with a kid singing and dancing in the bathroom
  • Someone likes something
  • Another stupid video with a kid swimming in a bath

Hmm … Oh! I forgot! There’s also someone asking for some help to test a game … You know he worked on it because one day he’d like to make a living out of this and pretty much everyone is aware of this … Nope. No answers and the database confirms everything.

So like I said it’s not much of a surprise to me but it still sucks. The nicest talks I had about my passion were with people I never met face to face. Some of them are players enjoying my games, others are fellow developers and in some occasion just people stopping by on this blog.

I get that not everyone is a gamer and that not everyone care about games. But do I really need to tell you how much there are stuff I don’t care about that I am still interested in because my friends are involved in? Well a lot less now. And not because of Facebook but it just make it even more obvious. There comes a point where it gets old that people don’t give a damn about what you do while you listen actively to them talking about what THEY do. Or when you finally have a chance to tell them a bit about yourself and then they ask you if it’s ok to turn on the TV to keep an eye on hockey score (real story …).

I never was much of a group guy. I prefer to have only 1 or 2 friends at home to enjoy a meal but even that it seems I’m getting a hard time to enjoy now. Their problems are always so much worse, their work so much more interesting …

Maybe I’m just not hanging out with the right people? Maybe I’m bad at “selling” myself? Maybe but you really shouldn’t have to try to “sell” yourself with friends. Truth is people are more interested to hear themselves talking and it’s too natural for me to listen to them. No wonder I’m having such a hard time getting anything spread on Facebook … And they say this thing is viral … Apparently I’m not contagious enough …

Yeah … that was the randomish post of the week …