For more than a year now I’ve been staring at this frog on my desktop at work (scroll a bit). Stole it from Juuso here.

As stupid as it might sound having this in my face all day long kinda helped. Each time I felt like this job of mine was about to get away with the best of me I smiled at this frog and then remembered that soon I’d be home doing what I really love.

Sadly I think the frog might have lost some of its magic recently. Traffic is worse each day and since I’ve been working from home a couple of days per week for some time now it just make it looks worse. Guess I’ve been spoiled but I’m having a hard time justifying flushing down the toilet almost 3 hours per day just to do something I don’t like. Right … $$$

I surprised myself today looking at my pay check and thinking “hmm, I could handle not getting that for 2 weeks … maybe more …”. It’s always more difficult to be productive once summer is near as if you’ve spent all your day inside the pool is calling you quite loudly at the end of the day. And my wife is a teacher so she’s off 2 months during summer so it’s not to help.

So maybe I’ll allow myself to be a bit poorer if it can help to stay motivated. Maybe that’s what I’m ready for now. Maybe I need to see what my it would look like to be full-time indie. Maybe …

Anyway it’s now time for me to share the frog. Even if it doesn’t work much for me now maybe someone can use it for some time. It did worked for me so give it a try! Click for full-size.

note: Juuso have a couple of interesting posts about motivation so you should take a look on his blog about that.