My name is Dave Toulouse and I’m indie game dev from Quebec, Canada. I do my best to use proper English but since French is my first language you might notice the translation process in my head doesn’t always provides good results.

In 2007 I started to work on my first game that I released in 2008, the MMO Golemizer. It was a bit crazy as a first project and had many problems but it did remained online for 4 years so still not bad.

I then worked on 2 more multiplayer games that never got far (Blimp Wars and Dungeon of Loot). These 2 games were also built on the Golemizer framework and it seems I just couldn’t let go of online multiplayer games. Both were disasters but it allowed me to learn quite a bit.

I then switched to developing Flash games for a bit with not much more success but I did make some money with them. You can see these games on my company website:

In 2013 I finally released my first PC game Bret Airborne. It’s a match-3 with RPG elements that received good reviews but unfortunately had some trouble to catch people’s attention.

2014 and I’m now working on my next PC game Human Extinction Simulator, a turn-based tactical space combat game. After 7 years of trying various things and making many mistakes I have great hope for this new game which is definitely the best I’ve done so far.