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The one time a game dev doesn’t want a YouTuber attention

I sometimes wonder how I’d react if a YouTube celebrity would pick one of my games and bash on it for 30 minutes as entertainment value for his public. Apparently there’s no such thing as bad publicity but that’s the kind I’d rather avoid receiving anyway. The good news is that the chances of that […]


Why you should be making an MMO

Well honestly I couldn’t care less what you make or don’t make. Do and show me that’s it. Unlike some other people I don’t try to convince anyone of anything. I write about my experience and if it can help someone in making or not making something then great. If not then great too! I’m […]


Avatar (the movie) and games

Saw Avatar last night and was impressed. First thing I noticed is that 3D is not “in your face, ah! you thought it was coming at you”. I’m not a movie critic so go see it yourself and make your own opinion. But do make an opinion. Don’t just take one of the pre-built opinion […]