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Some inspiration from another indie dev

I don’t know Gianfranco Berardi. I just discovered his blog today in the most awesome way you can discover something. The guy just recently announced that he was going full-time indie … He decided to live his dream and that’s surely a dream I share. It seems that it’s not the only thing we are […]


Why am I saying I’m a game developer?

No that’s not some sort of sarcasm here! It can be difficult sometimes to really get what others are seeing in what you write (in fact it’s that way most of the time) and from some of the comments I received off the blog about the last post I now know it didn’t exactly sounded […]


My blog v2.0

Now let’s try to start this the right way and not let die this one (old one is here: This will be my about page as well so if you know me just pretend you don’t. My name is Dave Toulouse and I’m now officially a game developer (without a license to kill)! No, […]