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Good F2P vs bad F2P

I’m not bad at FPS. I’m not great either but I’m either in the middle of the pack or at the top when playing against slightly less experienced people. Good F2P: Bad F2P: I can compete in Quake Live but not in Battlefield Heroes. I wish I could blame it on some difference […]


Indie game: Guns of Icarus

Well again tonight I had a little rage of playing some game and found nothing interesting on my hard drive so I opened Steam to see how I could spend some money. That’s when I found Guns of Icarus. Watched the trailer, read the description, saw the price ($10) … Paypal checkout it’s done. It’s […]


Wrex is dead

That’s not my dog. I’m talking about Mass Effect here (my dog’s name is Ti-Gus, which means something like “small guy” in english, it’s actually the name of french-canadian humoristic character that I have never seen of my life, it just sounds cute and funny) He was annoying, I barely used him and I’m going […]