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Bret Airborne dev diary – Tech and resources

Here’s the first entry of what I hope will give you an interesting peek behind the curtain of the development of Bret Airborne. I’ll do my best to cover as many aspects as possible but feel free to send me suggestions if you’re curious about a particular  point. This first post will look at the […]


The tools to build a MMO

It would have been nice to read that kind of blog post 4 years ago when I started to work on Golemizer. Maybe someone will find this blog post useful or something. AS3 – Flash 10 No I’m not going for a Javascript MMO this time. It sounded like a cool idea to build Golemizer […]


Abandoning Prototype for jQuery

In case you didn’t know, Javascript is THE power on the web right now. Sure most games are coded in Flash and Java. Others are just claiming the “browser game” label yet you have to install some proprietary plug-in that won’t be useful to play any other game … Might as well consider any game […]