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Prototype : Top-down action with pause action planning

I really need to figure a better description if this is to become my 14th game project but the point is it’s an action game which you can pause and plan actions that will execute themselves once you unpause the game. You can play part of it like a simple top-down action game but I […]


Mod this prototype!

One thing I’m always struggling with is how to make sure I store the content of my games in a way I can make sure it will be easy to change it later (even when it’s procedurally generated). I usually find a quick way that doesn’t look too bad for early testing and next thing […]


Abandoning Prototype for jQuery

In case you didn’t know, Javascript is THE power on the web right now. Sure most games are coded in Flash and Java. Others are just claiming the “browser game” label yet you have to install some proprietary plug-in that won’t be useful to play any other game … Might as well consider any game […]