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Support our RPG project The Fae’s Wyrd

So I have been dragged in this project of building an RPG in 1 month in order to make at least $1 for the October’s challenge found on Ludum Dare. It didn’t sound too crazy at first as I’m used to crazy projects but then something happened. Well life happened I guess. So Brian came […]


The best laid plans – Part 2

If you’re looking for part 1 you must check Brian’s blog. Yeah I just stole his post title Wacky plans So yes we have a plan to build an RPG in 1 month (motivated by this) and probably won’t be able to make it for October 31st. First building an RPG is quite some work […]


The quest for $2 – Ludum Dare Challenge

I’m in for this October’s challenge of making a game and selling 1 copy (or making $1 out of it) before October 31st. Well in fact I’m in twice so that means the objective is bigger… $2… Project #1 – Crazy Scientist Defense This project is solo. I decided to stay around the theme of […]