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A look at Kingdom of Loathing’s success

Call it envy, call it admiration, call it inspiration it’s a bit of all of this. Here’s a game that I have never seen labeled as indie even though you cannot get more indie than this. Since 2003 Zack Johnson has built a small successful empire that should part of models for all indie developers. […]


No I won’t pay you to review my game

At first I was receiving 1 or 2 of those emails almost every week. Now that I turned them all away I’m just receiving about 1 per month. Some of those people just can’t give up. Hey your game is nice and I think we could really work together to help promote it. We can […]


Getting new players is HARD

No, not because Golemizer’s graphics are not that hot. No, not because I’m a single developer with a lot to do (day job included) and it’s not as polished as it could be. No … Well, it can be yes also. But my opinion is slowly changing. I used to think that if people were […]