If you’re looking for part 1 you must check Brian’s blog. Yeah I just stole his post title :)

Wacky plans

So yes we have a plan to build an RPG in 1 month (motivated by this) and probably won’t be able to make it for October 31st. First building an RPG is quite some work but it also doesn’t take much to fill all my free time so that doesn’t help.

Before Brian forced me to join his crazy plan of building an RPG in 1 month (he was threatening to cut my salary by 50%… going from $0 to $0… hehe) I had already started to work on my game currently available for sponsorship Mad Scientist Defense. I started to work on this around mid-September so I was already 2 weeks in and wanted to complete it before getting too deep into another project. I figured I could pull it off as when I don’t have any projects I get anxious a bit so having a lot to do sounded like a good plan.

Well the last 10% of a project takes blah blah blah… Yeah yeah I know but go figure each time it still feels like a surprise. But things were going pretty well anyway. I just wanted to make sure I would submit to FGL something I felt was better than my first game so rushing things wasn’t an option. The game was submitted on FGL on October 12th so we’re talking about 1 month of work for this game though that’s really part-time work and I still managed to get a few things done for the RPG project.

Knock knock! Who’s there? Brrr! Brrr who? BRRRRAIIINNN! arrgggg…..

My game I am Zombie was submitted on FLG on September 7th so it was an old story already. Many sponsors took a look at it including major sponsors but it took about a month to see the first bid. A second bid was made 10 days later and I finally clicked the last call button and sold a primary license to that last sponsor. We’re not talking about a lot of money but I can now say I made money by selling a Flash game.

Now that the game was sold I had to work on adding the splash screen and logo of the sponsor as well as integrating Mochi scoreboards and ads. Right from the start my plan was that I am Zombie would be some kind of small Halloween game that someone could use to promote his place and that’s exactly what the sponsor had in mind so I had to get it done before Halloween for it to make any sense. That of course meant I had to put back the RPG project at the bottom of my todo list.

The last 10% takes … SHUT UP!

I’m pretty sure I invented some new words to curse while customizing the game for the sponsor. I knew it was pretty basic stuff but for some reason everything was going wrong. Instead of describing how frustrating some of silly things were I’ll just post here how to do it. Hopefully that will save someone some time.

Embedding SWF files with Flixel

public class SponsorState extends FlxState
[Embed(source = "../assets/introsplashhalloween_as3.swf", mimeType = "application/octet-stream")] private var swfSplash:Class;

private var _splashIntro:MovieClip
private var _loader:Loader;
private var _logo:ByteArray
private var _fileLoaded:Boolean = false

public function SponsorState()

override public function create():void
bgColor = 0;

_logo = new swfSplash()
_loader = new Loader()
_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, loadCompleteListener, false, 0, true);

private function loadCompleteListener(e:Event):void
_splashIntro = MovieClip(_loader.content);
parent.addChildAt(_splashIntro, 0)
_fileLoaded = true

override public function update():void
if (_fileLoaded == true)
if (_splashIntro.currentFrame >= _splashIntro.totalFrames)



Make sure to NOT add the movieclip in the constructor. Do it in the create function.

Using a SWF file as a button with Flixel

Don’t. Maybe it can be done but I wasted a lot of time on this and ended up asking for PNG files anyway. It was only to add the sponsor’s logo with a click even on it. Among the difficulties you might encounter is the fact that if you manage to put the SWF file in front of your game menu then the mouse cursor will appear behind. If you manage to put the SWF button behind the cursor then it will also be behind your game menu which in my case had a big picture in the background.

Integrating Mochi whatever with Flixel

Make sure your classes are dynamic.

dynamic public class iamzombie extends FlxGame
public function iamzombie()
super(600, 600, SponsorState, 1);
addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init)

private function init(e:Event):void
MochiServices.connect(“f5d193547e41bace”, this.parent );


Time… time… time…

For the last few weeks I’ve been mostly working only 4 days a week at my day job. I needed quality time so I decided to make some. Of course that also means I have to cut some expenses like recently Dungeon of Loot I had to take down…

Also for the last few weeks (or now months) I’m cutting some work time on games. Not that I’m starting to give up (I’m totally not) but there are some signs from time to time that are worth taking notes of. My game development time starts in the evening after dinner and usually ends around midnight. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and suffered from a great lack of sleep that my body made sure I’d notice. Being able to work for my day job at home some days a week greatly helped to almost fix that. Right there I can add 2 hours of sleep going from 5 to 7 which I heard isn’t too much.

So now it sometimes happen that I decide that I won’t work after dinner on some days. Not that I don’t want to but because I just can’t. That’s why I started to take some days off my day job so I could move my game development time from night to day when I’m much more productive. Of course only 1 day per week isn’t much so it’s not quite enough to replace the time I take off at night but I’m working on it.

Seeing that I am Zombie made some money is nice. Not nice enough to give me an extra day off from work but it gives me hope. It gives me hope because I know I can’t go crazy anymore at night spending countless hours specially when those hours doesn’t bring any money. Golemizer brought me my share of crazy hours at night that were not paying at all and I just can’t do it anymore like I used to. Being indie is nice but when small things like health troubles are getting in the way it’s a bit less nice. Just need to be wiser about the whole thing and learn when to take breaks on a regular basis even if it means things are going slower. The whole thing is a marathon and not a sprint.

So that’s a bit why we won’t have an RPG at the end of the month. It’s not all bad as the important thing is that I’m still fully in this project. I know some people who would probably instead say things like “something occurred and I give up” which is not my case. I’m just a bit slower than expected. I guess I must be getting old.

Oh right! I AM older! I turned 31 on October 12th. Now is time to feel cheap for not wishing me happy birthday and to take a look at my Steam wishlist at right and buy me something ;)

On second thought I probably won’t have the time to play those games anyway. I still have GTA 4 that’s begging me to finish it but have barely touch in the last few weeks. I recently had a rage to play a new game but ended up trying the demo for Plants vs Zombies… I didn’t even spent all 60 minutes I have in this demo so that tells you how much of lame gamer I have become. Bah…