Time flies and it’s now been more than 2 years since I wrote the first line of code of Golemizer. There’s a lot of things I’d like to say about it (and will) but for now here’s 10 interesting facts about this project of mine. If you’d like to find out more by yourself just go to www.golemizer.com!

  1. Almost everything you see in Golemizer can be crafted by players (houses, clothes, golems, furniture, tools, …).
  2. Since it’s release on September 2008 players have crafted more than 2 million items.
  3. There is over 26,000 zones to visit in the world of Golemizer (houses, cities, dungeons, islands, …).
  4. The system allowing players to create quests was released before the Architect system of City of Heroes (which unless I’m mistaken was announced as the first player quests system in a modern MMO).
  5. Players have created so far over 3,000 quests (all quests must be approved by me or the GMs).
  6. You can receive directions to find every quests in the game through the GPS system.
  7. Players can add voice-over to their quests by inserting a link to a YouTube video (video is not actually shown so you only get the sound).
  8. You can play Golemizer at work even if you don’t have Flash installed! It’s all running on Javascript (not Java).
  9. It would take over 1 year to train all 230 skills available to players. Learning a skill cost time points that you gain every hour so you never have to grind! It’s a bit similar to the system found in EVE Online.
  10. Without any real marketing more than 36,000 players have registered an account on Golemizer.

edit: As pointed by Brian Ryzom Ring did players quests first.