So I have been dragged in this project of building an RPG in 1 month in order to make at least $1 for the October’s challenge found on Ludum Dare. It didn’t sound too crazy at first as I’m used to crazy projects but then something happened. Well life happened I guess.

So Brian came up with this idea of offering our supporters a way to help the project. To be fair it was inspired by Juuso another indie developer and we “stole” the idea. That still makes us less evil than Zynga though :)

So here’s the button to support our RPG project and just after I’ll write down some reasons why it would be a good idea to do so. For more details on each benefits linked to each donations take a look here.

Level of Support

Why should you support The Fae’s Wyrd?

To support indie developers!

Being indie is nice but is also not all easy. The freedom of being indie has a cost. A financial one yes but also the cost of not quite knowing what will happen tomorrow even though you have done your best to plan everything. By supporting indie developers you confirm in a way that “we’re on the right track” and that our projects are of interest to you. If you have ever played one of my game that you liked or if you are enjoying all the intellectual stuff Brian is posting on his blog then you have a good reason to support us!

Because you pre-ordered for some reason CoD: Black Ops on Steam

It’s not like Steam will run out of copies on release anyway and there’s no benefit to pre-order the game. That means you paid the full price for really not much. So if you can afford this why not “pre-order” our game! It’s not quite a pre-order as it’s a Flash game BUT we are offering some minor benefits for doing so so it’s a much better deal than your pre-order that gave you nothing more than someone who will buy the CoD on release day.

To prevent Brian from blaming me for failing the Ludum Dare Challenge

Technically if we make at least $1 we have succeeded. I can assure you that the project is now in full motion and we’re making interesting progress each day. So please don’t let Brian drive up here in his ninja suit and hurt me!!! ;)

On a serious note though if some of you show some support I can see this experience inspiring us for bigger projects that might use a similar formula. Big projects are cool but big projects take time and we still have to pay for food and for our house while working on these projects. Don’t you like cool stuff? We like doing cool stuff! So show us that you’d like us to do more cool stuff that you’ll enjoy!

Because you’re about to buy candies that you’ll give to old teenagers barely disguised anyway

Let’s make a deal. Keep giving candies to the young ones (as those really enjoy Halloween) and tell the older teenagers that it’s time for them to grow up a bit… That way you will have saved some money that you can then use to support our RPG!

I hope some of you will answer the call and I’d like to thanks those who will! Thanks for reading!