I’m not bad at FPS. I’m not great either but I’m either in the middle of the pack or at the top when playing against slightly less experienced people.

Good F2P: http://www.quakelive.com

Bad F2P: http://www.battlefieldheroes.com

I can compete in Quake Live but not in Battlefield Heroes. I wish I could blame it on some difference between the two games but when it comes to FPS I kinda know what I’m talking about. I’m not good at a lot of games but you can exclude FPS from this list. I had my high and lows in Quake Live but in Battlefield Heroes the whole experience is just ridiculous.

Oh look! You can buy better weapons in Battlefield Heroes … Bye bye Battlefield Heroes … I guess my money will go on Quake Live. Where money doesn’t make you better …

I wouldn’t be surprised though if Quake Live was to go out of business before Battlefield Heroes. Every single time I ran surveys about what people would like to see in the Altus Store of Golemizer the most popular answer was “Something that would give me an advantage”.

Hope you enjoy your game kids. Won’t be playing it anytime soon … I guess I’m too old school for this “buy your way through” thing. Some people just don’t understand F2P and this is what’s giving it a bad reputation …