Oh the web … The ultimate media of the people or the sandbox of haters? …

Games are too linear

I guess you all have seen this in the last few days. Personally I don’t quite see what’s so wrong about it. Were FPS ever so much better? Is exploration and freedom the only worthwhile attributes to define FPS? What if FPS was simply defining some viewpoint of playing a game?

CoD is currently the ultimate linear cut scenes filled orgy there is. It’s been like that for a very long time now. Why does it seems like a surprise to anyone now? Why do people expecting something else still buy CoD anyway? Why CoD Black Ops is the number one selling game on Steam for several weeks (even before release)? I bought the last CoD exactly for this. For me it’s like some kind of interactive movie. All I have to do is to click the mouse once in a while. That’s what I wanted and that’s what I got. Why is it a surprise to anyone?

F2P games are evil

Why do we keep seeing more and more subscription based MMO going F2P. Why do we need only 1 hand to count the subscription based MMO released in the last year? Everyone hates F2P games! Don’t they?

Not so long ago you only had to say F2P to get some hateful comments. Then why do we see more and more of these?

WoW sucks

Then why is it still the reference when it comes to MMO talks in north america? It’s not the most amazing success ever but we keep hearing about it like we were all slaves to this game. Did it become somehow the last line of defense against F2P games? How can the MMO genre be defined by a game that can be played alone?

DLCs are also evil

Then why DLCs are planned before the release of the original game? Why DLC ever became some kind of accepted acronym? Why do we think paying $10 for a DLC is cheap while we think paying $10 for an indie game is too much? Why do even indie game developers release DLCs?

Multiplayer is optional

Then why all the games I like keep spending so much precious development time on multiplayer modes? Why can’t I get more content for my money? I just don’t play multiplayer games. Why do I have to pay $60 to play for 6-7 hours the last CoD when so much energy have been spent on multiplayer?

You get what you pay for

Just like in a democracy everyone gets what the majority wanted. It doesn’t mean the majority was right it just mean the majority made a choice.

Maybe it’s time people starts putting their money where their mouth are even if they go against the majority. Maybe it’s time that people expecting something different accept that they might not get the same production value as what the majority gets. Maybe it’s time we realize that many people who weren’t playing games 10 years ago are now regular uninterested players.

Maybe it’s time we make a choice instead of complaining …