Inspired from a thread on Thought I’d post my answer here and expand a bit.

1. Release The Fae’s Wyrd with Psychoavatar Games

I’m really curious to see how this game will do when submitted for sponsorship on FGL. I think we have something special here but it’s hard to predict the financial aspect of this.

2. Develop and release this spaceship game

My plan is simple here: See if what I have experienced and learned with Golemizer, Blimp Wars and Dungeon of Loot can become a relatively simple project with a potential to bring stable revenue. It’s a bit abstract right now when I’m saying it this way but I’ll elaborate a bit more later. For example the multiplayer experience is clear in my mind and doesn’t require fancy techniques that could become a deep black hole where my time and money go.

3. Related to #2: Make profits instead of trying to replicate a past story

Yeah it’s fun to work on games. Now let’s try to add something to the fun.

4. Remember #3 every single day to quit my day job before my boss don’t need me anymore and show me the door (eh … that will happen so better be prepared)

This year is the year something MUST happen. First as I want something to happen yes but also because when I finally told my boss my job needed to change I literally put a foot outside this comfortable boring job. This year the day will come when they don’t have enough work to give me and that my pay check will get smaller and smaller until it completely disappears. So yes this year it’s about doing what I had in mind for about 4 years now.

5. Release and get sponsored at least 3 smaller Flash games to keep the mind fresh (#1 should be in January on top of The Fae’s Wyrd)

I already have another small project almost ready which I started months ago when learning Flash. Nothing groundbreaking but I think it fits the Flash games market quite well. Haven’t spoken of it but you can find an early JavaScript version of it on this blog … ;) This point is to multiply the possible source of revenue and have something to keep me motivated when things get rough. I won’t pay the mortgage with this but hopefully will be able to get enough to pay for grocery for some weeks.

6. Find a way to fund another project to work on with Psychoavatar Games

We have a nice team that could create bigger projects but having a way to fund such project is important if we’re to put several months on such project otherwise there’s always the risk of having to split our time on other stuff if we’re working for a long time without any revenue coming in. Small projects for a team of 4 is probably not enough to put food on the table so we need to consider bigger stuff … with the downside of considering how much time such project might take before starting to make money or how to get funding for such project before it’s released.

Got enough here to keep me busy for a full year. Hopefully I will be able to ignore #7 which would be: Refresh my resume to find another job … That’s still a possibility but not one I’d like to consider. Another way would be to get some work done as a freelancer but finding such work can be a full-time job by itself so it’s not perfect to help with my objectives for 2011.

Of course there are plans and then reality. I’ll try to follow this path but might not be able to take the shortest road. At least now my objectives are clear.