Well Spacewars is just a temporary name. Like Hackwars, Viruswars, Golemwars and other ideas I have somewhere on paper. So don’t pay attention to the name right now.

This is the follow-up to this post. Read the following before checking this work in progress.

  • It’s not even alpha so plenty of stuff is not right and a lot is missing.
  • New hull and engine parts
  • Stats of the ship are now appearing when you add parts. You should aim for maneuverability above 5 to have a ship you can easily maneuver.
  • When you select reactors or shields a new interface will appear. You have to drop a single reactor at the right spot and front/back shields where indicated.
  • Right now reactor power and modules slots don’t matter but it tells you that you won’t be able to build any kind of ship later without having the right parts.
  • Once you have clicked “assemble” click on your ship to have more options.
  • Click on lock to lock the view on the ship. Unlock will go back in free mode.
  • When in free mode click and drag the screen to look around just like a RTS game.
  • Press Z to turn ON/OFF the minimap. This isn’t a real zoom out as this is terribly complicated to do with the current setting but I think it might still work later.
  • When the minimap is ON you can click and drag to move around faster than in normal view.
  • Press X to pause/unpause the game.
  • Again UP/DOWN arrow for engines power and LEFT/RIGHT arrows to steer the ship.
  • Turrets are now automatically firing when they can. Steer your ship so your turrets are able to fire.
  • Yes there is now an NPC. This NPC will chase your ship based on its turrets. The AI is not perfect but good enough for now. When it can shoot your ship you’ll notice the NPC will start going straight.
  • You’ll notice front/back shields recharging if you add any to your ship. If not then it doesn’t do anything. Damage is not dealt with yet beside changing some shield and hull data but you can’t die.


So this is not yet a game but just code that will be able to handle a game later. It’s full of bugs, unrealistic and incomplete but so is the price you must pay to see a project in its early days. I added most of the new stuff during the 5 days I’ve been away on my wife’s netbook and I’m quite happy to be back on a real computer now.

As you can see I’m slowly adding code to prepare the game to be able to handle ship validation and power redirection to shield, engine and turrets. Hull parts will determine the number of module slots you have to put a reactor and shields in your ship. Engines, turrets and shields will drain power from the reactor so you won’t be able to put the most powerful parts in a tiny ship. Want to put those big powerful engines on your ship? You’ll have to put first the reactor that will be able to provide enough power for those. And to put that reactor you’ll need to have enough hull parts to accumulate the required number of module slots. Of course adding hull parts means you’ll increase the mass of the ship so it won’t be as fast or as maneuverable as you thought it would be. They key here lies in the combination of those parts and what kind of ship you want to get.

The addition of the minimap is not only to give you a better idea of the opposition you’ll be facing. It’s also to help you to spot your ships in space. Yes it means that you’ll get to handle more than one ship at the time. Maybe not a 100 but at least 4-5 if not more. Multiplayer is already clear in my mind so the minimap was something I needed to figure out right away. It’s still not perfect but I now know I can handle it in an efficient way.

The new hull parts and engine are a way to show that smaller ships will be a possibility. They won’t be as though as complex and key capital ships but they might prove quite useful in a battle.

So the next step would probably be to code something that looks a bit like the single-player game I have in mind. The multiplayer version won’t be that much different from the single-player experience as I’m not aiming to provide a real-time experience at the moment. It’s way too much trouble and I think I can still pull an interesting multiplayer experience that doesn’t require 2 players online at the same time. A hint? There are thousands of games like this online but none so far (I think …) that presents a battlefield which is action-oriented.

So that’s it for now. I still have a lot of work to do so enjoy this small preview for now!