When I first decided to write about ShellShock Live I was more enthusiast than I am now. For some reason something went wrong … or maybe not. Hard to tell.

When I first heard about ShellShock Live it was through Player.IO tweets. I guess ShellShock Live is using Player.IO … It was the perfect example of what I am aiming for Spacewars (working title). Early release, multiple updates, community expecting the final release, links offering sponsorship of the game, Flash game distribution, etc.

Now I’m not sure what happened but the game was on Newgrounds but now it is “blammed by users” … What the … Either the game was removed because a sponsor was found or there’s something awful going on with Newgrounds … I’m waiting for some answers as it is.

If the game found a sponsor then it’s great. It means that there’s hope for such model where you incorporate micro-transactions in a game, release a beta and then drag attention to this game. But if the game was somehow dragged down because of some Newgrounds users then it really scraps a lot of work …

Now if you have no idea how hard it is to drag attention to your game when you’re a small developer just let me say that it is really damn hard. Relying on things like Newgrounds and Kongregate can really make your life easier compared to paying for ads with money you don’t have. There is also the press but when you’re small you either have to pull something amazing or something really “indie”. If you are something in the middle (which can be “just” nice but not new) then you are probably screwed. There are plenty of nice indie FPS out there you never heard of because who have the time to cover them when you can talk about CoD: Black Ops or some indie game involving 8-bit graphics …

So if for some reason ShellShock Live really have been screwed by some rating system then it’s just sad. It really makes me doubt about many things. If on the other hand it has found a sponsor and the game has been removed for this reason then it’s a great news and makes me hope for the best.

Is ShellShock Live really such an amazing game? Well it’s been done before but I thought it was neat. In a few seconds I was able to enjoy some Worms gameplay I’ve been missing for some years. It offers a lot of weapons diversity and a clean interface. Get in, have some fun, get out, pay for an improved experience. Perfect.

It’s a bit what I tried to do with Blimp Wars but there I was only relying on some press release and putting hopes on some blogs to have people to find the game. ShellShock Live is relying on Flash for distribution so right there it’s much better. It’s interesting to see such game using Player.IO infrastructure too as I’m hoping to do something similar (well at some point but it shows me it would be possible).

So I’m just waiting to see what happened to this game on Newgrounds. I’m sure hoping they found a sponsor and decided to take off the game from there because of this. But if they had some kind of problem because of some rating system then I’m wondering if my idea to go with such business model is wise at all. I’m sure it’s not the end of ShellShock Live either way but it just leaves me wondering.

Anyway if you were wondering what I had in mind for Spacewars then ShellShock Live is the best example out there. Until I get something worth of being called a game why don’t you try ShellShock Live a bit.