Maybe I never said this “online” but I do care about critics a lot. I care about them in the way if I know how a so called critic thinks it helps to make up my mind.

I doesn’t care if critics are good or not. I care about what I know about the critic. If someone is making a bad critic of a movie and I know that I share nothing with this person then I know that I will probably enjoy the movie.

I just saw The lovely bones. My wife loved the book, I didn’t read it. I’m not a good reader, I don’t react good to books. It just doesn’t quite reach me.  I react better to movies / games or even more to music. That might sound strange as I myself published 2 books but it’s just like that. My editor seems to understand where I’m coming from.

So before considering seeing The lovely bones I pretty much knew that I would like this movie. Not because my wife liked the book (she likes a lot of things that I don’t) but because the critics weren’t good. I disagree a lot with movie critics because where they see a movie I see an emotional experience. I won’t try to explain it, that’s just it.

On rottentomatoes the movie got 35%. That’s enough for me to consider seeing the movie. Not because I automatically like something the critic don’t like but because I know critics have no point beside being read by other people. Just because you write about a topic 365 days a year doesn’t mean you know what I will enjoy. I might enjoy things in a way you don’t expect someone to enjoy.

For example, Ghost of Mars received 19% on rottten tomatoes. Go figure why that’s a movie I enjoy watching. It’s not a piece of art, that’s just something that makes me feel good. I love how it looks, how it feels, as cheesy as it might be.

So being a critic must really be a sad choice in life. You can never be wrong when people that can read through your words are reading you. And when they can’t … that must be even sadder …