I’m not an artist but these days there are so many resources around that even someone like me who’s having a hard time drawing a stickman can end up doing pretty stuff.

The downside is that there are so many styles, effects and possible combinations that I often end up not knowing what really looks good and what is just okay.

So I need some feedback here on 3 possible logos for Star Corsairs. At first the blue one seemed nice but after seeing it over and over in the game it kinda fell flat. I feel like it doesn’t do anything special with that blueish grid in the background (I’m not changing the grid so let’s focus on the logo) and that to some extent you could almost not notice it.

Here are the 3 options. I know there could be thousands more but I just want to stick to these 3.  So which looks best? One I should totally kill as it almost burned your eyes?