So apparently I’ve been screwed by bad luck. Don’t take my words for it. Here’s what FGL_Eric told me on

Star Corsairs did go out in daily email, on a very busy day, but it’s still pretty unlucky to get zero views.

11 sponsors saw Star Corsairs. 6 of them were mailed by me (I can confirm this by seeing this in my logs “Misc. Probably On-Site Link” meaning they are coming from outside FGL). 2 of them never sponsored a game. That leaves me with 3 sponsors who saw the game on FGL through the “new games” listing on the website.

I had no views from the daily mail sent by FGL. The answer to that is to usually to make a better icon for the game. The rating for Star Corsairs icon? 76.92% which put it just under the top 100. In other words the icon is fine. Sure it could be better but at 76.92% it’s still in the top rated icons. I could be concerned if it was 40% but at 76% it’s good.

It’s frustrating as so far the feedback on Star Corsairs makes it the best game I have published so far on I had fans feedback, forums feedback and first impressions feedback. Oh yeah the game is listed in the highest first impressions list. There are 45 games in this list so it makes Star Corsairs special as there is literally thousands of games on FGL. Luck … yeah luck sucks … I can’t even say sponsors didn’t like the game as right now the problem is that sponsors didn’t even see the game … It could be worth $1,000,000 I couldn’t say as they didn’t even see it (I’m voluntary making up big stupid numbers here).

I mailed some sponsors. Well just about now I’d say I mailed a lot of them. I even have brief conversations with some of them. But guess what … The big ones seem to rely just on FGL mails. Well if I look at my past games it seems to be the case. I could mail them night and day they are waiting for FGL to tell them which games to look at. I don’t blame them. It’d make hundreds of mails each week about some new Flash game available for sponsorship and often there’s only 1 person assigned to check new games.

So it means if you can’t make it through FGL then you can probably forget it. As much as FGL can help devs it can also sunk them by bad luck. The guys there are doing the best they can but ultimately they have created some kind of monopoly that prevents devs from being able to properly reach sponsors by themselves.

Of course those who get the views are quick to give advice to the others like me. Again do I need to point you to the quote at the top of this post? I’m not the only one saying I had bad luck …

So what to do next? Nothing for now apparently besides trying to reach sponsors by myself. I’m almost done getting through the list of sponsors I have (about 100 sponsors) but I have yet to hear from those who usually see my games through the FGL daily email (the big ones …). So I need to wait. I swear I’m not sure why I even bother to make each email different from each other. After 1 month if I get less than 20 views FGL will probably help me to get more views. They also have new updates coming on to help this situation but right now there’s nothing to do. In the short-term it seems that I’m screwed. Maybe in some months I’ll get a $4,000 bid for it but how can I plan anything that way.

Of course things wouldn’t suck so much if I didn’t learn that I will most likely have no job in some weeks. Bad timing. Yet it had to happen on my best game yet. Again don’t take just my words for it. I have the feedback and the ratings to say so. Still … The FGL rating doesn’t quite match the feedback I had from everyone else. This brings me to this other point.

The Flash game market through sponsorship is a very streaky one. That’s what FGL is saying anyway. First I have to get a good rating from FGL. Then I have to hope sponsors actually see the game. Then I must hope players like the game to get a good reputation and sell more games later. I can handle the players and sponsors. It’s a bit more difficult to deal with the FGL rating as they have an incredible power over my games. Most of the time I guess they are fair but again I have no clue who is the person rating my game. The rating seen by sponsors. I could very well ignore them and try to do it on my own. But then I’d point you to the part of my post were I’m saying some sponsors are waiting for the FGL email to check new games. I could mail them all I want they just won’t read my mails. Do you really think Andy Moore was able to contact AXE to get Steambirds: Survival to get sponsored …

The feedback and data I have for Star Corsairs don’t match the rating of Star Corsairs on FGL. I mean the rating isn’t higher than any of my others games. I even think I am Zombie got a higher rating … You know … my first game with stock art … Yet the feedback was much better for Star Corsairs. Go figure.

So what’s next? Well I’m working on an arcade game that uses a lot of Star Corsairs code. The game is currently in a playable state and should be ready soon. Surely I can’t be that unlucky twice in such short time span … If so I might as well give up game development. I have no problem reading that my games suck. I have however a big problem with people not seeing my games to start with.

Star Corsairs is 4 months of development, received the best feedback so far out of any Flash game I made, the best icon I’ve made, the best graphics I’ve made,  yet it received the worst exposure ever. Surely that can’t happen twice in a row? Maybe if I had any real power over exposure of my games. Right now I don’t.

Of course I don’t think I could make a living out of Flash games with sponsorship alone. That was never an end goal. Just a transitional one. Too bad so far it seems I have to blame “bad luck” as said by the FGL staff to not getting to something bigger. Because you know without a job to pay for food or the house it’s quite hard to achieve anything …

Words of a frustrated fellow? Come one if you are reading this blog you should be used to it by then ;)  Maybe it’s just not what I was meant to do. Selling french fries seems like a good backup plan …