That’s not a review. I liked the game a lot, you might not. I like the game as it is, you might not. I just like to talk about stuff so here’s stuff about Mass Effect 2. Call this a self-therapy while I’m waiting for more ME 2 content (and ME 3!!!).

Some spoilers ahead …

Still there? If you’re like me it takes a lot to actually spoil anything so I doubt I’ll say anything to completely ruin it for you.

Last chance …

Time run

Here we go. I just finished Mass Effect 2 on a 40 hours run on normal difficulty. I’m not a hardcore gamer and not that skillful so normal difficulty was fine for me. In 40 hours I talked to my crew often, check the same places with various crew members just to see if they have something to say and mined just enough for my upgrades. I like to take my time.

ME 2 vs ME 1

Thank you very much the notion of accuracy was taken out of ME 2. If you’re going to let me aim don’t mess with it. If you’re going to give me an accuracy rating than just let me click the target without bothering me. For those complaining that they’re into RPGs and are not interested in shooters then the difficulty level is there for you. There’s nothing hard there when you can pause and aim in the middle of the fight on easy mode …

Clips vs heating? I don’t care. Never lacked clips in ME 2 and the overheating stuff in ME 1 didn’t bothered me either. Maybe having ammos can sometimes give you a false exciting feeling that you will run out of ammo with your main gun before killing the big bad thing in front of you but in fact that never happens unless you decide it will.

No Mako? Again thank you for removing that. Some are complaining that removing the Mako removed the fun side of exploration. Seriously if fun is wasting time on small map where there’s nothing much to find anyway then it’s good they removed that. I never defined the Mako as exploration. That was just boring with no point. Maybe it could have been done better but I don’t care. Mass Effect is not an open world like GTA and it’s not the point either.

Yes the Hammerhead is coming … Curious to see if they will make something useful with it instead of just letting us drive to our mission …

RPG or shooter?

Enough with the nonsense here please … I guess that because we created the RPG and shooter labels before ME 2 was released then we are forever stuck with these only 2 definitions and that nothing else can exists?

A label is a guide to give a quick idea. Of course some are quick to jump on the “but they lied to me it’s not a real RPG!!!”. Let me tell you what it is: It’s Mass Effect 2. Is it so hard to consider a game for itself?

So shooters stopped being shooters when cut scenes were included? RPGs stopped being RPGs when they aren’t clone of the last released RPG?

Trying to argue over a label is ridiculous and doesn’t achieve anything. If you are afraid of being lied to then stay hidden in your basement in your own little world where everything around you has a legit and safe label attached to it. Keep seeing things in black and white you’ll be very happy with it.

ME 2 is what it is and could not have been any different because you and me were not devs on the project.

Love interest from ME 1

Oh no! My LI is now pointless in ME 2!!! Seriously … Shepard is left for dead for 2 years … No news at all … I know people that would move on faster than 2 years without any news. Remember, they were there when the ship was attacked and you are sent flying in space with only your suit leaking air. No reason to be left in doubt that you are still alive. If anything it’s just normal that the LI is cold in ME 2. Maybe the storyline will be expanded in ME 3 since I guess you’ll have time to catch up a bit.

Romance in ME 2

Some people don’t see the point of romance in a game. Considering ME is a storytelling game romance is just part of the story. Don’t think it’s relevant? Just don’t get into it, it’s optional …

However … Imagine you’re stuck on a ship for several days, chasing death everywhere, one day or another you’ll probably be looking for something to ease your mind a bit. Maybe you’ll start drinking, maybe you’ll start hallucinating, maybe you’ll get closer to someone of the crew.

While playing ME I was writing the specific story of MY Shepard. I wasn’t just going from one mindless mission to another (I can just play Call of Duty for that) and for MY story romancing Jack was making sense.

Obviously romances in ME must be a very popular feature as they included 3 possible romance options (leaving out Kelly, Morinth, Samara and romance options for a female Shepard). Having more choice is nice here as it gives more opportunity to have a slightly different story each time you play. It doesn’t have any impact on the game so far but again if you don’t care about the story then maybe ME is just not for you.

Decisions from ME 1 imported in ME 2

Too bad here but it doesn’t seem to matter much. When I read some old interviews it sounded like our choices in ME 1 would have actual impact on our ME 2 experience. I was hoping that some of my previous decisions would put me in a bad situation (for drama!) but nothing. Some differences in dialogs but that’s it.

It’s not all that bad but I was hoping for a bit more I guess. Maybe it will make more sense in ME 3. This concept of importing a save game is new for me so I guess others will improve that concept if not Bioware themselves.

Planet scanning

Meh … I did just enough planet scanning for the resources I needed. Not terribly exciting, pretty much pointless. It’s a no-risk, no-skills activity. If you need some kind of resource you’ll find it for sure. You can’t be bad at it, you can’t be good. It’s just a task that requires time.

Now that the main storyline is completed I’ll try to find the hidden missions I missed. That’s probably the only good thing about planet scanning. That and maybe it can help to tease you a bit just to make the fun last longer until your next mission.

Renegade and Paragon

A lot of people just don’t get it. When I read “I want to have a full Paragon Shepard” or “Why did I get Paragon points for this?!?!?! I only want to do Renegade stuff!!” I can’t help but to roll my eyes.

Doing a renegade act doesn’t remove paragon points. Renegade is not evil. Paragon doesn’t mean you’re a nice little sheep. Why are you so concerned about this? In the end it doesn’t change anything but YOUR own personal and specific story. If you’re making decisions based on the number of renegade or paragon points you’ll receive instead of what you actually want your story to be like then you’re missing the point.

Here’s my Shepard:

He doesn’t care much about people outside his ship and thinks that the best way to take care of a problem is to rely on as few people as possible. Screw the Alliance, the Council, Cerberus. Cerberus brought him to life and if they were expecting Shepard to be a dog on a leash then they were wrong. Yes he likes to punch reporters but it doesn’t mean he’ll let a wounded innocent victim die. Oh no!!!! I just received paragon points on my badass Shepard!!! *sigh* …

His crew is everything to him. In fact without his crew he’d probably have no friends and would have some serious psychological issues. He’s ready to listen to almost anyone though he can’t stand Jacob … go figure. So even if I ended up with a full renegade bar at the end of the game I’d say I mostly selected paragon options in the dialogs with my crew.

Without checking much my paragon / renegade points while playing it only happened once that I wanted to use a dialog option unavailable to me. When Tali is pointing the gun at Legion both paragon and renegade options where blocked from me. In the end it didn’t matter much. I took Tali’s side and then use a renegade dialog choice with Legion to keep it (him?) loyal.

I can understand how this moment might requires full renegade / paragon points as it’s a touchy situation. For everything else I always selected the option I honestly wanted without caring much about the points behind.

Does it makes sense to waste time on side missions?

You’re alone to save the universe. You are given a ship and that’s it. If I was given such mission I’d make sure I have the best people to help and the best equipment. Nobody will help you so you have to do what can seem like stupid stuff to get to your goal. Is life any different? *cough*

So yes it makes sense because help won’t come for free. Had enough? Fine, don’t do all the side missions and head straight through the Omega 4 relay. I don’t see the problem here.

Funny moments

There’s a lot of small fun bits in ME and it helps the world to be something else than a static picture waiting for you to interact with. One of the funny moment that isn’t meant to be funny is on the suicide mission. Remember in the trailer where we see Tali sliding with Shepard going to rescue her? Well this scene depends on who you take to the last fight. I took Grunt and Jack.

So when this cut scene started playing I realized that Grunt (probably because that was the first I selected in the crew selection screen) was the one I was going to rescue. Seriously … that was a bit less dramatic than expected … I have to slide down to rescue that big alien twice my size. The whole scene became a bit ridiculous and funny probably because I was expecting something different based on the trailer.

After the suicide mission

Jack is still telling me she need more time even though I can call her in my cabin at any time of the day. I thought the cut scene when going through the Omega 4 relay pretty much ended that loop. I would have been happy with her saying a little something different instead of looping in the dialog I’ve seen for a long time now.

My crew is not saying much to me either. After such events I would expect something … more? I don’t know what but it just feel like it doesn’t matter much.

It’s true that technically the game ends on the credits so being able to play after the credits is probably something that didn’t received much focus for obvious reasons in development process.

Maybe the DLC will help that.


Yes I’ll buy everything. It would be nice if this content would include more crew interaction instead of just new missions but I’ll take what I’m given. I thought the last DLC was a bit ridiculous though. A new armor and shotgun? What for? I’m really not sure one of the strength of ME is the weapon and armor customization … it’s the story.

But they are probably just buying themselves some time by releasing this. Of course content takes time to create so we’ll just have to be patient here.

Mass Effect 3

Everybody has its own theory so I guess I must also have my own … Ok I’ll bite. The current crew is your starting crew in ME 3. Since some crew members can die we can probably expect to have the opportunity to recruit new ones. It’s also quite possible that some crew members will want to go on with their own business. People like Zaeed, Samara and Thane are probably good candidates for that.

The love interest from ME 1 (if you did this) will come back and there might be some triangle here. Bioware hinted about that though never really confirmed anything. Based on your final choice with the Collectors’ base you might either have Cerberus or the Alliance against you. Main plot could be about getting all species together for the final fight? I don’t think the focus will be on gathering a team like we did in ME 2. Starting all over again would just feel a bit repetitive.

No mechanics changes. I don’t know why it would be necessary. They could just keep their current framework and build the story of ME 3 on top of it. Upgrade the graphics is needed but other than that I think it’s just fine as it is. It won’t please everybody anyway whatever changes they do so sticking to building a strong story would be wise I guess.

I’m not good at speculating so that’s all I have to say about what I think ME 3 could be.

Bioware should have …

I’m sorry, I’m having trouble hearing, I’m hearing a lot of bullshit on this line …