No cynicism or irony here. Just some things I’ve gathered from reading devs blogs and from my own experience.

You should …

No. We already have or can’t. Even though we understand you only mean to help it gets to a point where it’s insulting. We have mentors, we have peers, we have dedicated players with privilege access to our work, we have our knowledge and we have our failures and success.

I understand how things can be so obvious to you sometimes and you can only wonder why we don’t do them but then I’d ask you “have you actually try what you are telling me?”. I bet the answer is no. Again I understand you only mean good for us but the fact is that we already get more feedback than we can handle. Believe me I’m the first to admit I’ve been asking for feedback and ideas over and over … to the right people. There are nearly 20 past and present GMs from Golemizer that can confirm this to you. We do ask for what we should do but we ask the right people. We just can’t listen to everyone as not everyone knows what’s good for us.

Your game cost too much!

How much does it cost you to live for one day? What was the raise you ask your boss recently? How much money do you have to spend for your rent, mortgage, kids education, retirement? Now how many copies do you think we have to sell to be able to make more of the games you enjoy? If you are complaining about the cost of a game then maybe it’s a sign you are feeling guilty for not spending this money where it really matters. Your family? Do you feel you are spending too much on games and not enough on your family? Do you feel you are spending too much on overpriced games that are not worth it? What’s the matter?

We do not threaten anyone for not buying our games. We set a price and most people are more than happy to pay the price for it because they have no problem with their choices. They know they will allow us to provide them more of the same fun they had with our previous games. Money doesn’t get you to happiness but with no money you can’t get anything done.

My experience? Golemizer was made with no money, part-time while I had a very secure job. That got me the result I could expect from it. I didn’t have much time to put on it even though I was pumping 80 hours weeks of work (and past 60 hours you become very unproductive). I have nobody to blame as my business model was almost non-existent. That got me to realize though that to make something of quality you need to be focused on your work. Working 40 hours on a day job and 40 more on games really isn’t a good plan to achieve anything good. And you can only do that if you get paid for your work. If you enjoy the games you play but can’t pay for them then don’t expect anything good coming out from them.

Just make better games!

Seriously? That’s the best you can tell us? Don’t you know that game devs are just trying to release the crappiest piece of game there is out there?!?!

Seriously I just read that yesterday and it wasn’t even addressed to me. We then know that we must not pay attention as we are now interacting with someone who has no link whatsoever with reality but it’s still so unreal to read something like that.

Your book didn’t sell? Write a better one! Your marriage failed? Build a better relationship! Your kids are junkies? Just educate them better! We live in a so easy world to understand … Guess what. If everything could be summed up as “do things better” then everyone would be successful as everyone would know what “better” means.

Nobody wakes up some day saying “I’m going to do something crappy just for the fun of failing”. Of course not everyone wakes up saying “I’m going to do that awesome thing” yet they become successful anyway. If there was a way to always be successful it would be known by everyone. Why would someone risk failure? Nobody would. The fact is that we do to the best of our capacities and often it doesn’t work. Just telling us to do better doesn’t help in any way. Like I said earlier we already have plenty our resources to try to do better. So most of us should have seen the shadow of a clue that could help us already.

Your graphics sucks!

Sigh … When you have nothing to complain about then you complain about the graphics. I’m sure CoD: Black Ops had way better graphics than the first CoD yet I can’t quite remember. I bet that means it wasn’t that important.

What are graphics that “suck”? Look at Minecraft! I was playing a game with this kind of graphics 19 years ago. Does Minecraft sucks because of the graphics? No. It’s just not very nice on that level but it’s still a very successful game. Why did I never read anywhere that Mincraft’s graphics suck? Then why would it matter to any other game?

Is it because you are unable to express an opinion about a game besides expressing your opinion about graphics? Oh that one hurt I’m sure as I guess it’s true. You don’t like the game but are unable to say why so graphics are the first explanation available. So much easier this way.

Next time you are about to dismiss a game because of its graphics do us all a favor and try to tell us what’s wrong about the gameplay instead. Why? Because we know you don’t care that much about graphics anyway. Yes some of you do care but you’re the minority I’m afraid. Unless we are trying to sell you a game because of its graphic qualities just at least try to bash the game on another level.

I’m tired of playing over and over the same game!

I’ll give you a minute here … Done? Just try to guess why you are offered the “same game” over and over … I bet it must be because you are playing them AND spending money on them. Guess what. If anybody tell you that being a game developer is the single most important thing in their life then they are just sending BS your way. Game devs are building games because that’s what they like to do but ultimately they like to have a life as well. Having a life means putting food on the table, having childs, buying a house, having something to left behind once they’re gone. If you just spend your money on the same clone over and over then the same clone you’ll get over and over as we are not living to work but are working to live.

Games are products and ultimately you have the final word on what we can make a living out of and what we can’t. But at least put your money where your words are! Don’t complain about linear FPS if you have bought every single CoD! It’s pretty clear that CoD is about linear FPS. If you want something else buy other games! Breaking news! Indies will be the first to offer you something different as it’s the only way they can hope to get some attention.

Do you really think an indie team releasing a WoW clone would get any attention? Why would they?!? They are just releasing an inferior version of something that already exists! “Hey but sometimes we get awesome stuff from AAA studios!” you’ll tell me. What? Something like Portal that was basically developed by an indie team existing inside a big production team? …

The only way indies can hope to get some attention is to release something different. Yes often it comes at the price of a lower production value but from here it’s up to you to make a choice. More of the same or something different that doesn’t look or play as good as the last AAA game you bought? The choice is yours but don’t complain you are only offered the same game over and over as clearly there is a choice …