The following video is from an alpha build so don’t take too much out of it. Specially pay attention to the circle at the bottom left.

The circle you see in the video is the visual representation of a turret. The green marker shows where the turret is currently aiming and the red marker shows the position of the target against your spaceship. When both are overlapping it means that your turret can fire at the target (considering the cooldown period is over).

Turrets in Star Corsairs can rotate much like in EVE Online so you’re not stuck to shoot at things in front of your spaceship (though small fighters might have fixed turrets since they have the speed to counter that). A turret have the following stats to achieve that:

  • Tracking speed
  • Targeting arc

The higher the tracking speed is the faster your turret can rotate to a target. The higher the targeting arc is the easier it will be for your turret to reach the target. You’ll notice in the video that when I move my spaceship that the turret is influenced by that as well. If my spaceship rotates left then the turret will rotate left as well. If the target is on the right then the turret will “fight” the rotation based on its tracking speed. If the target is on the left however it means that the turret will be able to shoot the target sooner since both the spaceship and tracking speed of the turret are going in the same direction. A factor missing in this build is the size of the target. A large target will create a bigger red marker making the target easier to shoot.

So as you can see it’s not just click and wait to destroy the target here. Well you can do that but then you’ll be a stationary target easy to shoot at and if your opponent is moving around a lot and is equipped with a fast tracking turret you’ll be dead before being your turret might even take a single shot.

This approach takes care of some concepts I wanted to achieve without having to create a full RPG-like experience. This means that faster spaceships will be able to avoid fire from capital ships equipped with powerful but slow turrets without having to “create some magic behind the scene” to artificially create this. I also wanted a deeper experience when it comes to combat compared to Dark Orbit where it comes down to using your “powers” in the right order to take down an opponent (which remembers me of way too much MMORGPs). If I’m to create a space MMO then I want it to feel like a space game and not an RPG with spaceships instead of elves and orcs.

Of course turrets are not the only weapons or “powers” spaceships will have but the mechanic at its more simple form is that. What I specially like about that is that while a huge capital ship might be able to rip through a space station easily it remains vulnerable to smaller ships. It won’t be a simple matter of “get the biggest ship to get the I win button”. It will be a matter of picking the right setup for the job and teaming up with players able to support you in a proper way. For example 3 capital ships going after 10 smaller and faster ships might have a really hard time if they have nobody to back them up to take care of the threat they’re unable to properly attack. It also opens the door to new players to participate in combat even if they don’t have access right away to the most powerful ships.

This is basically how combat will work in Star Corsairs. I’ve said many times that I wanted to do a “mini-EVE Online” so those of you familiar with this game might recognize some concepts here even though it’s a much more simple version of it. I admire many things in EVE Online and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some concepts to casual players who often get lost in EVE (count me in that group). So that means that I’m not trying to bring things as they are in EVE Online to Star Corsairs but that I’m trying to adapt some concepts to be more casual friendly. I’m not trying to compete against EVE Online as I wouldn’t be able anyway but I believe there are players out there looking for a space game offering a deeper experience while not having the time to dedicate to a complex game like EVE.

Or I could just say that I’m NOT trying to create WoW in space and I guess it would be enough to understand what I’m trying to do here.