With Social Gold gone for good at the end of the month I had to shut down the Altus store for non-Kongregate players to prevent players from spending money on the system at the last-minute.

So what will happen to Golemizer? Well for now I can probably make everyone feel better for at least a few months. Golemizer will remain online even though it’s now a complete expense for me. I will be using Golemizer as a way to promote my next project Star Corsairs. Even if it’s not a lot Golemizer’s website still receives over 200 unique visitors per day (not counting players accessing the game from Kongregate) so it will be like running a small advertisement campaign. So don’t be surprised if you see new Star Corsairs ads on Golemizer soon.

With the number of players that doesn’t grow much now I’m thinking of offering a subscription to be able to pay for the server. The goal would only be to keep the server online. If there’s a profit I could have made from Golemizer I would have made it months ago so this new subscription would only be to keep the game alive. I’m thinking of maybe $8-$10 per month which would require from 20 to 25 players to subscribe to pay for all expense. Any further money made would be saved for later in case the number of subscribers would drop.

To have 20 players to pay $10 per month seems to be something that can be achieved as I guess there are at least 20 players that would like to keep Golemizer around. Those subscribers would then have access to the Altus store as a reward to help keeping the game online.

There is however a problem. Me coding a new automated system to handle those subscriptions is unlikely as my coding time is already scheduled on many tasks on Star Corsairs and other side projects. So it’s quite possible I’d have to handle that manually which shouldn’t prove much of a problem if the goal is to get about 20 subscribers.

I could also force everyone to move to Kongregate as the payment system is already in place but Kongregate taking a 30% cut and the code not being prepared to automatically handle subscriptions tells me it might be more problems than anything else.

So there you have it my plan for Golemizer. I don’t know when all of this will be in place and until it’s actually done I’m not going further. I want to keep Golemizer around specially to provide a starting point for Star Corsairs (so far the in-game link to Star Corsairs found in Golemizer worked well to have people subscribe to the newsletter so it’s seems to be working).

Until I have more news to post if by any chance there’s someone interested in some kind of deal that could help keep Golemizer online (advertisement, sponsoring, I’m open to discuss any offers) just mail me at dave@machine22.com.