So the space station you’ll get when you create your account is your character … but is not quite your character … but is in a way.

Okay so what do I mean by that? Well all MMOs need some kind of progression. You need to feel different after playing 100 days than you felt when you first started to play. The typical design here is XP you gain from quests or slaying monsters over and over … and over and over …

Obviously it’s been done a hundred times and it seems to work quite nice. It creates some kind of grind that keeps players around just for the promise of more powers. The problem is that players never get to say a word about how they get such power. They follow THE PATH. The same old path as everyone. Some of the most recent games are starting to explore this territory but it’s not quite like I’d want it to be.

You can be a level 80 Paladin on day 1

Yes! You can be … if you’re prepared to put the money for it (virtual or real). Much like real life really. BUT that’s a short-term plan. A player following this pattern still wouldn’t be all-powerful because it would be a player good at 1 thing which is “having a big bad mean spaceship”.

Star Corsairs won’t follow a typical RPG trend as shown in my last post. It means that if you don’t have a clue about what you are doing then having the most powerful spaceship on the server won’t mean a thing. You need to maneuver your spaceship to get anything done. Much like a FPS if you can’t move your character out of the ways of bullets then you are dead. Don’t expect some magic formulas to do the job for you.

To my surprise (really) Star Corsairs have a big action factor in it. However to be able to play this action factor in a meaningful way you will have to actually care about the game. Sure you can throw big money right at first to get the big fat spaceships but what happens once your big fat spaceship has been destroyed?

Oh right once a spaceship has been destroyed it remains destroyed (unless some other factors I will explain in another post). So unless you’re ready to throw $10 every single day on a game you’ll have to use the progression system. Here it is.

Your space station is everything

All new players in Star Corsairs will have their own space station. This space station will be at first very basic. It will allow you to create some basic weapons, assemble some entry-level spaceships and so on. In Star Corsairs you won’t gain experience points you will work to improve your home space station. From it you will be able to craft more powerful spaceships and gain more powerful advantages. Everything you will do in Star Corsairs will have an impact on your space station if you take the time to care about it.

Sure you don’t have to craft everything you use but if you don’t craft anything then it means that you will have to buy from others who do. Power to the crafters I say!

I have no problem with someone who hate crafting and only want to blow some spaceships up. But if you want to follow that path then make sure to be friendly to a crafter. Since Star Corsairs combat is driven by how you pilot and equip your spaceship it either means that you have to be the best pilot on the server or the best spaceship architect to survive without upgrading your space station.

What can I do with my space station?

You can craft. You can research. You can assemble. Weapons, engines, shields, whole spaceships, anything. I also have special plans for “guild” space stations. If you want to craft bigger weapons you will have to either get what you need yourself or get it from someone else. The truth is that crafters will run this game. They will be the ones to offer you the big powerful weapons you are looking for. Don’t try to get loot from NPCs. While they will have a form a loot if will be loot only useful for your space station. Nothing to get you the “I win button”. Crafters will give you that button but with no guarantee. If you have no clue on how to handle the powerful spaceship you just bought then you will lose it in no time.

Why bother if I can buy my way to the top?

You won’t. Unless by “the top” you mean some nice PvE or PvP fun but you won’t be at the top. Those selling you the stuff you will be using will be at the top. They will be the ones able to afford huge space stations able to get what you can’t get any other way. They will be the ones running the “guilds” running the galaxy. In Star Corsairs you won’t be able to claim to be the “best player” only by having the best gear. You will only be able to do so if you are providing the best gear. But not everyone is a crafter. That’s why you can be a level 80 Paladin on day 1. Because it doesn’t matter to everyone and it surely ain’t the end game of Star Corsairs.

You have the most powerful spaceship on the server? So what? Can you buy it again tomorrow if it gets destroyed? Ah …

Okay so what is the short version?

Your space station determines what you can create in Star Corsairs. Your space station doesn’t determine what you can buy however. The game won’t give you weapons. The game won’t give you spaceships. People who have invested in their space station will however.

If you just want some action then fine. Action you will get right away. If you like the game and want to be the most powerful player then it won’t just be a matter of fighting enemies to be able to fight bigger enemies one day. You’ll have to draw your own path to get there. The game won’t let you get there just by leveling up a character. I hate linear progression in MMOs. Then you can be sure this MMO won’t have a linear path.