I’m pleased to announce that you can now take a look at the MMORPG that Star Corsairs will become. I’m warning you that for now there’s still not much to see but releasing this alpha version is a critical step to test some core functions of the game. Do not assume that what you will see won’t change because it most likely will change a lot.

You can check the alpha version here: http://play.starcorsairs.com/

I’m inviting you to provide feedback and submit bug reports for this version in the forums. You will find a link directly in the game but you can also access the forums here: http://forums.starcorsairs.com/forums/

Will my account be erased?

There shouldn’t be any reason to completely reset accounts meaning that your username and password should remain intact. Make sure to put a valid email when creating your account as this is necessary to reset your password if you forget it. If you mine resources though those will be reset later as right now the current resources are only placeholders.

Where can I find some help?

There is a short in-game tutorial to get you started. You’ll also notice an in-game link to a wiki which is currently empty. Any help to get this wiki started is welcome though if you do some work in it keeps to the basics for now as there are still many things to code so things WILL change.

Is that it?

Like I said this is only an alpha release. The point of this release is for me to check how the server reacts to some activity and to find bugs related to the core (movement, chat, etc.). I wouldn’t call it a game yet. What you are seeing is the very first iteration of the game so please be patient. Remember that the best way to help is to post the bugs you find in the forums.

Okay but is there anything to do?

When you travel to the Magnus system (in-game help will tell you how) you’ll be able to see and shoot other players. This system is PvP enabled for now so feel free to shoot at other players to test how the game reacts. There’s currently no penalty for dying so enjoy!

You’ll also find some basic NPCs that shouldn’t prove much of a problem. They respawn very quickly so they’re only there for testing purpose.

When can we expect more?

I can’t provide any ETA but I’m working on this game full-time so things should go quickly. In the best of world I’m aiming for a nearly full beta release in September-October so you should see many new features being added soon.

How can I get more news?

You can subscribe to the newsletter from the Star Corsairs website: http://www.starcorsairs.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Over00

Star Corsairs forums: http://forums.starcorsairs.com/forums/