Even though there’s currently an alpha build of Star Corsairs you can check out it’s not enough yet to completely know what I have in mind. The time has come to reveal a bit more about this game of mine!

Between DarkOrbit and EVE Online

Let be clear here. Star Corsairs can’t be EVE Online 2… I’m just one guy you know and EVE Online is gigantic­. It can however be more than DarkOrbit. Not that DarkOrbit isn’t well executed as they sure have the money to do their thing more than nicely. It’s just not a game that appeal to me and I’m sure many gamers. It just doesn’t feel like playing a space game. Replace those spaceships by wizards and replace the space background by forests and deserts and you have the same game that could be called DarkWizard. What it does it does nicely but that’s really not the kind of space game I want to play.

So what is the kind of space game I want to play? Well something more like EVE Online but one that I can actually play and do my thing more casually. I admire how deep this game is but it’s just so big, complex and dangerous that to get anything done I’d probably have to put in way too much time. Some have that time available and that’s great but I don’t and I bet many others also don’t.  EVE Online is a niche game and a solid niche they have built. For everyone else who might enjoy some of the features found in EVE Online but don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it there’s not much options around. I’m hoping Star Corsairs will be the answer to that.

If I can find 4,000 players who think like me Star Corsairs will be a smashing success so as you can see I don’t plan to replace either DarkOrbit or EVE Online. Just to find my spot between those two.

Capital spaceships

Why oh why do we always have to be stuck in tiny ships and the enemies always have the big guns? Well no you don’t have to in Star Corsairs. Yes some capital ships will take more time to get but you’ll be able to get you hands on one fairly quickly. You won’t have to invest months of work to get one and you won’t be afraid to lose it in a matter of minutes once you’re out in space. Star Corsairs is meant to pleased people who also have lives and most of it I want it to be fun. It’s not some kind of space simulation so capital ships you want capital ships you get.

It doesn’t mean that a capital ship will always be the best solution for each situation you encounter but the option will be there. But in the end if we all have capital ships what’s the point? Well the point is “why do I have to fight with a rusty dagger for the first 10 levels?”… It’s not fun. There’s a way to balance things without making feel all players miserable when they begin. Sure maybe it make capital ships less impressive (but I assure you that some will be impressive) but again why would I force you to pilot a tiny fly for the first 20 hours you play…

Craft everything

Ah yes just like Golemizer I can’t get rid of the idea that players must be able to craft everything. Yes there will be a form of loot but no components you can take and put in your spaceship while crafters are unable to make something better. I already posted about the crafting system before so I’ll keep this short but crafters have nothing to fear from uber loot.

The other nice thing about crafting is that you’ll be able to customize the stats of all components you craft. In my mind crafting is really not that exciting when all you do is prepare a recipe and you get the same item over and over without any chance of customizing anything. Why can’t I make a health potion that is less powerful but that has a shorter cooldown time? Or the question would be “why don’t you give me a chance to play the game my way?”.

Just to make an analogy Magic: The Gathering wouldn’t be the same game if you could only play with pre-built decks. By allowing players to create their own deck / recipe first you make this process a game in itself and second you involve players in the crafting process instead of having just them not caring about it at all. Sure crafting doesn’t appeal to all players but I like crafters and I’d like them to play my game.

Space stations

First in Star Corsairs you automatically get a space station when you create your account but right this one is like your home and it’s the same for everyone. It gets you prepared though to build more space stations in the open space. PvE space stations? PvP space stations? Non-combat space stations? Yes all of the above.

Yes building a space station will “mean” something in Star Corsairs but again I don’t want them to be impossible to have otherwise I’m completely missing the people I’m trying to reach. That’s why there will be different type of space stations. Like to play co-op with your friends? Setup your space station in alien territories and protect it from alien attacks. Don’t worry about other players they won’t be able to destroy it.

Want something a bit more spicy? Then you need a PvP space station. Claim parts of the galaxy and have your alliance name show up on the starmap! Of course you’ll have to defend it from other players but you know what you’re getting into.

Don’t want combat at all? Well I heard there are big asteroids out there that might require a space station to mine them. It might not be without any risk but you’ll get a chance to have your own space station that is not focused on combat.

Point and shoot … kinda

If you’re into combat then I have something different for you in Star Corsairs. The best way to understand it is to jump into Star Corsairs and play with it but I also already posted about it here.

Back? What I like in this combat system is that you are involved in the combat. You just don’t sit there waiting for the stats to do their jobs. Moving your spaceship around will mean a lot to help your turrets reach their target. What I also like is that all the turrets on your spaceship will be crafted by someone. And since that person can customize the stats to your liking then you can really handle combat the way you want to play without having to create an alt to change your combat style …

Phase 2 – Create your own type of spaceship

I have to first make a solid game to get there but this is the first big part already planned once the game is online and stable for some time. Basically you’ll get some parts you can put together to create your own very unique spaceship. You can take a look at a prototype here. Things won’t be exactly as seen in this video but that gives you a good idea on the concept.

It would be nice to have that feature right from the start but it’s just too big for now as I have to take care of the basic stuff first. If I don’t get the basic stuff nicely at first then this feature will be useless anyway.


Want to know something about Star Corsairs? Just ask and I’ll provide you the answers you’re looking for!