This is the last call before release… I guess. I can’t say when release will be but I’m really close of the beta release. Right now what’s “delaying” the release is mostly all the stuff I must write, people I must contact, screenshots to take, ads I must build, etc.

But the other thing holding me back from release is that I would very much enjoy to receive more first impressions about it too! The main thing I’m looking for at this point is “Are you able to do anything at all in the first 5 minutes (or maybe even 2 to be more realistic) you are playing?”. From the moment you get on till you decide you had enough.

That’s my main concern right now. It’s not a problem if people don’t get all of the game right at first but at least I want them to be able to do something. Past that point they might never return for many reasons but at least those who are interested to know more about the game should be able to do so without banging their head against the wall.

So far about 150 persons have checked the game (there are 218 accounts but I’m guessing that some players have created more than 1 account) but I don’t feel I received enough “new player experience” feedback. Most of the feedback I received was from Golemizer players so they are already used to games hard to understand :) That and the fact that I was explaining a lot of the new stuff in the update notes and the newsletter so few people have tried the game so far without knowing anything about it.

So your mission should you choose to accept it is to head to , create and account, try to play a bit the game and to let me know if you have been able to do something at all without spending a whole lot of time on it. If you are the kind of person that don’t mind taking more time to do some research and have done so then let me know so I don’t get some false positive (or something like that). I’m not asking you to not check any of the on-screen tips but just to do what you usually do when checking a new game and to tell me if it was enough or if the game was clear enough by itself to get started.

If you already have an existing account back from an early alpha build then I would ask you to please create a new account as new stuff have been added for new players that wasn’t there before. At first there was nothing at all to help so it’s just normal that I have improved this a bit.

Of course if you feel like telling your friends about it then it would be great! Just know that the current server license I have only allow up to 100 concurrent users so if you have a bazillion Twitter followers and send them there then they probably won’t be able to enter the game ;) I’m not sure at which point I’ll upgrade to the 500 concurrent user license as it cost $1,000 and I’m pretty tight currently. Maybe I’ll open some kind of pre-order just to help a bit to cross this limit when the game is officially released.

You can either drop your “new playe experience” feedback here, mail me to or use the Report a bug button you will find in-game (it just sends me an mail with your text in it).

Thanks for your help!