This weekend I launched a crowd funding campaign to help me finish the last phase of development of my indie MMO Star Corsairs. For a small donation (or bigger if you wish) you get to name a star that will be visible to everyone in the game.

A named star in Star Corsairs - Click for full size

So far 7 stars have been named in the first 48 hours and I’d like to thank once again the people who made a donation and also those who shared the various links I have spread on the Web.

The donations will help me secure the last phase of development of Star Corsairs which should go into “no more data reset” mode soon. There are server fees and software licenses to buy so every contribution is meaningful.

Why not use Kickstarter you might ask? Well I’m located in Canada so Kickstarter doesn’t work for me. I might add the campaign later to 8-Bit Funding and/or IndieGoGo but these websites are only tools to help a campaign and don’t make a campaign by themselves. Just putting up a project on these websites is simply not enough. They might however help a bit so I’m surely not dismissing them. Just holding back a bit since as you might figure I must use carefully my time to be able to take this project to the finish line (or the starting line since we’re talking about an MMO here).

Objective? I’ve set the bar to $400 which added to my savings minus typical living expenses should be enough to help me to get to the release of Star Corsairs. So far with 7 stars the campaign has reached $60 which is 15% of the goal. It’s quite a nice start in a few hours! What if the $400 goal is not reached? Well it would surely make things more difficult but I’ll just have to figure something out. Being indie also means being resourceful. This crowd funding campaign is an example.

Why stars and not other in-game perks, t-shirts, etc.? Well actual players will soon be able to support the game in various ways so I wanted to offer something different and original that might also interest people who have no intention of playing Star Corsairs. After all if you check the various Humble Bundle some games there have been offered in more than 1 bundle so it’s not just making a donation to get games (or you can always give away the additional copies). Maybe you want to support indie games, a charity or just someone you know. I also always made sure to be able to keep things under control so while I don’t exclude selling things like t-shirts at some point right now it’s just something that would contribute to push back the release. I’m the only dev on this project and my time and funds are limited so I need to be careful in what I get involved. So far the reaction for naming stars was quite positive and most people see it as an original way to handle a crowd funding campaign so I’d say that I’m quite happy with it.

So I’m inviting you to check the Name a star and support Star Corsairs page and to name a star for a small donation. For $5 you get to name a star. For $10 you can also chose its color so it’s even more unique. For $20 you can name it after your Star Corsairs alliance. If you are feeling very generous and can afford it for $100 your star will be in the area where all players enter the game so you can be sure that every single person creating an account will see it. For Golemizer there were 100,000 registered users but I sure plan to beat this number with Star Corsairs!

Even if you can’t afford a donation you can still be of great help by sharing this page with as much people as possible:

The first star is at the top of this post and here are the 6 other stars!