Today is the day! I’m quite excited to finally invite everyone to check this new MMO of mine here:

I’d like to thank everyone who supported me in this project and specially the first players who helped me to improve Star Corsairs to make it to this day.

Invite your friends!

But this is only the beginning! Of course an MMO is always evolving so many more new features are on their way. I invite you all to share this post (official press release below) and if you are already playing Star Corsairs then you can invite your friends using the in-game button (illustrated to the right) and might get a reward should they buy Illium or become an Elite Corsair (optional subscription)!

I hope you’ll enjoy Star Corsairs! Now if you’ll excuse me I have a long day ahead of me. Since I’m the dev, the community manager and the marketing department I have a lot to do today!

Official press release


Quebec, Canada – October 17th, 2011 – Independent game developer Machine 22 is proud to announce the release of the new space MMORPG, Star Corsairs.

With intense space combat and a deep crafting system Star Corsairs has something to offer to all kind of players. Star Corsairs is the 2nd MMORPG released by the one man team Machine 22.




About Star Corsairs

Star Corsairs is a browser-based MMORPG in which players must repel the constant alien threat against humanity. Players can explore outer space while keeping an eye on aliens, asteroids of interest and other players if they wish to engage in PvP.

Players looking for a more peaceful experience will love the manufacturing system allowing them to create and customize all components required by spaceships.

- Real-time epic space battles
- Pilot fast fighters or powerful capital spaceships
- Create and upgrade components for your spaceships
- Travel anywhere in the galaxy without any restriction
- Fight aliens, mine asteroids or engage in PvP battles
- Public missions to easily find players to play with
- Form an alliance and conquer space systems
- Free-to-play browser game

With many new features already on their way Star Corsairs is now available at

About Machine 22

Machine 22 is a Canadian independent game development studio owned and run by Dave Toulouse. Star Corsairs is the second MMORPG released by Dave Toulouse as a one man team. Dave released in 2008 the browser-based MMORPG Golemizer (

Dave writes about indie game development at and for more information about Machine 22 visit:

Dave Toulouse